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Group: At his service

Inskickad av: Leo

It is almost 6 pm and he will be home soon. Susan gets up from the kitchen table and walks up the stairs to her bedroom. She undresses in front of the mirror, kicks her clothes in a corner and she looks at her naked body. Her breasts are big and soft, her belly is just like she wants it to be and she is happy with her height. Her butt is not too small and not to fat. The only thing she does not like is her pale skin color. But that happens when you don’t get out of the house much.

She opens the big closet and pulls out a black negligee that has some see-through parts. She is not allowed to wear underwear while wearing this, so she slips in the negligee without. Next, she pulls out some black high heels and puts them on her feet. She looks at herself and she is still happy with what she sees.
She walks to her bathroom and puts her long, blond hair in a ponytail. She puts on some eyeliner, brushes her teeth, puts lipstick on, and makes sure everything's in order.

Then she hears a key unlocking the front door. Eric must be home. She runs downstairs and she sees her husband.

“Welcome home, husband,” she says while kissing him on the cheek.

He does not reply, drops his suitcase at her feet, and walks to the kitchen and grabs a beer from the refrigerator. He falls on the couch and removes his tie around his neck. Susan is still standing at the door, not moving at all.

“Clean up my suitcase,” Eric commands.

Susan bends over to get the suitcase and brings it to the closet 2 meters further. She also walks to the couch and bends over to get the tie from the floor. She feels the smack on her butt before it even makes a sound. Her right butt cheek feels like it has been set on fire.

“Did I tell you to get that?” Eric said angry,“No I did not! Make me some dinner.”

Susan nods and runs off to the kitchen where she will make his favorite food. Spaghetti and meatballs.

“Ow, tonight some colleagues from work will come over,” Eric said, not really wanting a reaction.

“Do I need to prepare food for them?”


“Do I need to stay in my room when they arrive?”


Susan brings over Eric's’ food. While he eats she stands next to him, waiting for a new command. When Eric is done he looks up to Susan.

“I want my dessert!” he commands.

“Yes, sir.”

Susan gets on her knees next to Eric. She unzips his trousers and takes out his cock. She starts to stroke it until it is hard. She takes his cock in her mouth and starts to give him a blowjob. While Eric is enjoying this he turns on the television to watch the sports channel. Susan keeps sucking while he is watching.

“Okay, enough,” Eric says, “Go back to your position.”

“Yes, sir.”

She cleans his cock with a towel that is under the couch and she puts it back in Eric's trousers and zips up his zipper. She stands up and keeps standing there.

At 8 pm sharp the doorbell rings.

“Well? Open the goddamn door!” Eric commands her after the first time the doorbell rings.

Susan opens the door. There are 3 men outside. All dressed like they just came from work. They are all laughing until they see Susan. They are all looking at her and nobody dares to say anything.

“Hh...hi,” stumbles the guy on the right, “We are here to see Eric?”

“Yes, sir. Please come on in,” Susan answers. And she steps back from the door.

Eric gets up from the couch and comes to the door and gives his colleagues a hand.

“Welcome to my humble home!” he welcomes them with a smile.

“Happy to be here. We couldn’t pass on your invitation. After all, you are the boss,“ one of the guy's replies.

“But, who is she? Did not expect this at your door,“ another one says with a smile.

“She? She is just my wife,“ says Eric while he waves her away.

They all go to the living room. There are two couches that are facing each other, with a big rug between them. There is no table in the middle of them. Only small coffee tables at each site of the couches. Eric sits on a couch and his colleagues follow his example.

“Who wants a drink?” Eric asks, “Susan will take your order.”

The order is quite simple because all men just want a beer. Susan walks into the kitchen and feels 4 pairs of eyes watching her butt and following her. She does not mind since she is used to being watched. She gets the beers and brings them back. When she is done she stands next to Eric, waiting again.

The evening goes on with men drinking beer. Susan stands next to Eric or she is getting more beer for the men. They are laughing and making a bit fun of Susan. The drunker they get the rougher they get with Susan. The jokes start to get more sexual. After all, she is still standing there only in her see-through negligee with no underwear.

“She looks really great. I think you’re really lucky to find such a woman.” the second guy says.

“I bet she gives great blowjobs!” says the third guy.

Everybody stops laughing and is looking at the third guy. Eric is looking at him with an angry face. Susan is a bit scared by this outrage of the third guy. She is looking at Eric, hoping he will not burst out in rage. After a minute of silence, Eric replies with a naughty face.

“Yes, she can!” he says, “Do you want to experience it?”

Everyone, including Susan, is looking at Eric with unbelieve.

“I.. I did not want to be rude. It… It just flipped out. Sorry.” says the man.

“It is no problem. I understand why. Look at her,“ says Eric while pushing Susan forward, “Doesn’t she look hot?”

Everyone nods yes, but no-one dares to answer with words. Now everyone is looking at Susan. Her beautiful curves and shapes make them all watch her in awe.

“You know what?” Eric continued, “I think we deserve some fun!”

He pushes Susan more to the middle.

“You want to know how good she is in giving blowjobs?” Eric laughed at him.

The man is drunk enough to laugh too and nods his head.

“Susan! Give this man a proper blowjob. Make him feel how good you are at it, ”Eric commands.

“Yes, sir.”

Susan walks to the man, gets down on her knees and unzips the man's pants. She gets out his cock and takes it in her hands to make it hard. When it is hard enough she puts it in her mouth.

While she hears the man moan of pleasure she realizes Eric never shared her with another man before. This is the first time she has to pleasure someone else. It feels strange, but she doesn’t mind. As long as it sticks with a handjob or a blowjob she feels fine.

“And? What is your verdict?” Eric asks, laughing at all.

The others seem to enjoy this show as well. The 2 guys across seem to enjoy the view on her nice formed butt.

“I like …. it… very much,“ he stumbles while enjoying it.

“Good! Anyone else wants a try?”

“I’ll give it a go,” the first man says.

“Susan! Suck this nice man's dick too, would you?"

It did not really sound like a question, more like a command. The second man is already trying to get his cock out. Susan cleans the dick she was sucking with her tongue and moves over to the other guy. His cock is already hard so she skips the stroking part and puts his dick in her mouth right away. He starts to moan and shivers of this incredibly nice feeling. Susan continues to suck his dick until told otherwise. Everyone is looking at Susan doing a great job.

"Care if I got a piece of that?" the third man asks.

"Susan! You know what to do!" Eric commands.

Susan lets go of the fat cock after cleaning it and crawls on all fours to the third man, who is already stroking his hard cock, ready to receive. She puts it in her mouth deep and sucks it hard. He seems to like it too.

"I want more!" the first man says.

He stands up and reveals his cock. Still hard from before and the shows before him. The third man pushes Susan's head from his cock and stands up too. He pushes Susan between him and the other man. He shoves his dick in her face, making her suck his dick. The other man is still stroking to keep his dick hard. After a while, he shoves his dick in Susan's face and she starts to suck him. The second man joins too.

There she is, in the middle of four men. She tries to give each man enough attention by stroking 2 cocks and sucking a third. She sucks one cock a while and changes to the next. While Susan strokes the second man he starts to fondle her tits. She looks at Eric and he nods at her, so she lets it go. The second man squeezes her left breast and pinches her nipple, which is getting harder and harder. The first man starts to play with the other breast while the third man is still being sucked. Susan lets it all happen.

The third man gets his dick out of Susan's mouth and makes her stand up. Susans has a scared look on her face while she tries to make eye contact with Eric, but he is just sitting there enjoying the show. The third man starts to play with both her breasts. The second man feels her butt and the first man is just standing there with his hard dick in his hands.

She does not like this and she is afraid of where this might lead to. The first man lets go of his dick and feels her belly and goes down slowly. The other two are still playing with her breasts. When reaching her shaved pussy he slowly moves his hand on it, not pressing or rubbing it.

“Well, that feels really nice.” he whispers in her ear, while his hand is still on her pussy.

All of a sudden he pushes his middle finger inside her pussy. She is a little bit shocked by this action, but she is not allowed to deny anything. She looks at Eric again, but still nothing. He seems to allow it all and doesn't mind what is happening to his wife.

The man keeps on fingering her pussy and she is becoming really wet. The third man starts to suck her nipple through her negligee. He also bites it a little bit. The second man is still touching her butt and starts to squeeze it. He also slaps her ass cheeks a bit. Not really hard, but it still gives a smacking sound.

The first man suddenly stops fingering her and points out to the others to stop what they are doing. He places Susan with her face towards the empty couch and pushes her to bend over. With her hands on the couch and her butt up, he stands behind her. He moves his left hand over her ass and with his other hand, he is making his dick hard. When it is really hard he pushes his cock in her pussy, pushing it really deep.

The second man takes off his clothes and climbs on the couch and sits on the back of the couch with his hard dick in Susan's face. She knows what to do and she starts to suck it while she is being fucked from behind. The third man is standing next to the first and waits his turn. After a while of hard pounding, the first man pulls out his dick and moves aside. The third man doesn't hesitate a second a puts his dick in Susan's dripping wet pussy.

She has never done this, but the longer it takes, the more she likes it. It has always been a dream to be in the center of attention in a gangbang. But that was a fantasy with Eric, not with three complete strangers. But he is here in the room enjoying the shows so she thinks he likes it too. As long as he is happy, that's her motto. She wonders what else she has to do to keep him happy...

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