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Group: Hot and wet

Inskickad av: Leo

I couldn’t believe my luck when my company sent me, my colleague Tony, and two sex-bomb girls, blonde Babs and brunette Lucy to our company headquarters on a graduate induction course, putting us in an expensive hotel in the town for a couple of nights. 

The four of us spent the whole of the first day of our course in mind numbing meetings in a stuffy windowless room in our company office. For me, and I guess Tony, the boredom was relieved only by ogling Babs’ and Lucy’s sheer nylon clad legs, the outlines of their asses under their tight business skirts and the curves of their boob clinging blouses. All the time I was hoping no one noticed my suit trousers bulging as I thought of the things I would like to do with them. 

After a team dinner, our day of meetings finally ended and a taxi took us back late to our hotel. We all went up to Babs’ room. We unwound drinking beers and watching the hotel TV porn channel. Tony was on the swivel executive chair, I sprawled in the big black wide armed leather armchair, and Babs and Lucy were seated on the big double bed. They had taken their tights off and their legs were folded up treating us to peeps of the gussets of their panties between their bare legs. 

“It was so hot in that meeting room,” said Babs. “Boy do I need a shower.” 

I was about to stupidly open my mouth and suggest that we’d better leave and let Babs take her shower when Lucy spoke.

“Me too. Can I join you?” The girls looked at each other and grinned, then Lucy continued. “And how about you too, boys? That shower’s big enough for the four of us.” 

The shower was like a big walk in wet room partitioned off from the rest of the bath room by a glass panel. “Oooohh!” Cried Babs in mock astonishment. “Lucy! You’ve got a mind like a sewer!” But the grin growing on Babs’ face showed that she had a mind like a sewer too! “I’m up for it! Come on boys!” 

Neither Tony or I said anything in reply but the looks on our faces must have told her that we agreed the shower was just right for a foursome too! Babs slid off the bed, stood, fumbled with the clasp and zip of her tight blue pin striped business skirt and let her skirt drop. While she hung her skirt over the back of the swivel chair, bending over to show us her white satin thong, Lucy took her blouse off to display her big breasts nestling in the lace edged cups of her black bra. “Come on boys!” Lucy laughed as she dropped her skirt to show her brief black panties matching her bra. Tony and I quickly followed the girls’ example but the girls were nude first whilst Tony was in his boxers and I was just in my pouch style briefs. The girls stood watching us with big grins, purring with approval and giggling with excitement as we slipped off our undies and showed them a pair of half erect but rapidly rising penises swinging from our hairy balls. Then the four of us stepped into the shower. 

Lucy had been right. The walk in shower certainly was big enough for the four of us. Babs turned the control and sensuously warm water cascaded over us. In an instant our naked bodies, Babs’ long blonde hair, Lucy’s neat curls and her dark pubic hair were glistening wet and water was trickling over the girls’ big bouncing breasts and down their cleavage, dripping from their peaking pink nipples and running down Tony’s smooth bronzed six pack and my hairy chest. Tony’s and my cocks swung up hard erect, nearly eighteen inches of erect penis between the two of us! Babs turned her attention to me, and Lucy took on Tony. 

“Mmmmmm!” Babs purred as she ran her fingers through my chest hair, standing so close in front of me under the cascading water that her nipples brushed my chest and my penis head prodded her between her belly button and smooth shaven slit, “I love hairy chests!” 

But the shower was also deliciously cramped enough that we couldn’t move without our wet naked bodies constantly brushing and pressing against each other. The head of my hard up cock poked and slid across Babs’ and Lucy’s soft wet bottoms and up the wet valleys between their bum cheeks, over their thighs, their fronts just below their belly buttons and through Lucy’s soft wet bush. Babs’ and Lucy’s breasts brushed against my hairy chest, my arms and my back, and against each other’s naked breasts. I couldn’t help noticing how the girls enjoyed it when their breasts rubbed together! As you’d expect, my hands roamed over two smooth round female bottoms and two pairs of breasts, over female thighs, through Lucy’s wet bush and over Babs’ smooth sex mound, and between female thighs from the front and from behind, while female hands roamed over my chest, my backside and my straining sex kit! 

Also as Tony and I unavoidably brushed and pressed against each other, our stiff penises collided and our shafts and penis heads rubbed together each other in brief “sword fights.” I must admit I found the experience of Tony’s stiff penis against mine extremely erotic! Memories came back to me of my days at boys school, naked with other boys in the communal showers after sports. Getting an erection had been taboo, but inevitably one boy got one and seeing it every boy’s including mine would be up hard and soon there’d be a forest of erections sticking up from our bushes of young pubic hair, and in those showers crammed full of naked boys “accidental” contacts between hard up penises were surprisingly common! 

I spent ages soaping and lathering Babs. I’d wanted a good long feel of her delicious big round bouncers for ages. She leaned back against the glass wall thrusting her big soft breasts up and out for my hands to soap them and then for my tongue to lick the suds off. She bent over with her legs wide and her glistening wet smooth bottom toward me for me to slide my hand between her spread thighs to soap her bottom, her bum crack, her pussy and the backs of her thighs. She stood with her legs wide for me to lather her mile long legs and her smooth shaven sex mound before I crouched down in front of her to lick the suds off her vagina lips. I made sure I got the tip of my tongue between her lips. Babs’ hips trembled, she thrust her pussy forward against my face, and above the sound of the shower I heard her cry out, telling me my tongue was doing a thorough job!

Babs gave me just the same treatment! I stood leaning back against the shower wall thrusting my penis forward, and Babs squatted down in front of me. Before she licked the soap off my hairy balls and my by now almost vertically erect penis she flicked my so sensitive shaft and knob with her nipples. I nearly jerked over her boobs there and then! As well as licking every trace of soap off my shaft and balls, she took the lust swollen, so sensitive head of my cock into her mouth, sucked it and massaged it with her tongue. I was straining for all I was worth not to jerk my load into her mouth, sure that there would be more and better to come. Finally Babs’ lips slid off my knob, leaving my cock rock hard on the brink of squirting its load, and she stood there with the water running down her glistening wet naked body. 

Tony and Lucy had been up to much the same as Babs and me, and Tony was bending over with his hands against the glass wall with his legs wide, water cascading over his bum, and with Lucy standing behind him with her hand between his spread legs stroking his arse and fondling his balls and shaft from behind. His cock looked every bit as rock hard erect as mine.

“These boys’ cocks look stiff enough to snap,” Babs laughed. “I’m sure I can hear them creaking. I think we need to do something about it. Don’t you too Lucy?” 

Without waiting for Lucy’s reply, Babs took me by the hand and led me out of the wet room. “You’ve always fancied my tits, haven’t you?” Babs said with a mischievous smile. Babs hadn’t missed my lustful looks at her tight tops and blouses and the way my hands had hungrily explored her boobs in the shower. I’d had my eyes on Babs’ big round melons from the day I first cast eyes on her, and I’d masturbated enough times imagining them. “Do you want to fuck me between them?” she continued. The toilet was nearby, and again without waiting my reply Babs sat on it, spread her legs, leaned back and held her big melons up squeezed together. She’d taken one of the little bottles of moisturising cream from the shelf on the wall of the wet room and she poured it into her cleavage. 

I moved in ready to slide my straining shaft between Babs’ boobs, but before I tit-fucked her there was time for more foreplay. Babs’ nipples were up with arousal, sticking out like little deep pink corks and well lubed with the cream. She gasped with pleasure as I crouched down and licked her nipples, flicked them with my thumbs, then stood and tickled them and circled them with the head of my penis.

I heard a grunt to the side of me and looking through the glass wall I saw Tony standing with his bum pressed back against the glass, shoving his erect cock forward, with Lucy kneeling in front of him. His cock was almost touching her lips. She was tickling him between his spread legs and over his balls with her fingers and her tongue was darting out to flick the big round head of his penis. Every time she licked his knob Tony grunted and juddered. Having teased him, Lucy’s lips slid slowly over Tony’s knob and down the length of his shaft till her nose was touching his pubic hair, then she took hold of his thighs and began to methodically slide her lips up and down Tony’s shaft. 

I left Tony to get it from Lucy and I got in position for mine! I stood between Babs’ legs and slid my shaft up between her breasts as she squeezed them together until the head of my penis stuck out of her cleavage. Babs reached under her breasts and tickled my balls with her fingertip and bent her head down and treated my knob to an exquisite lick and suck. I had a quick glance at Tony and Lucy. Lucy’s pendulous breasts were swinging with the rhythm of her body rocking as her lips slid full length up and down Tony’s shaft. As her lips pleasured his shaft her fingers tickled his balls and her cheeks dimpled as she sucked him. Tony was running his fingers over Lucy’s bare shoulders and through her wet hair. 

I treated my hungry cock to long rhythmic full length thrusts of my shaft between Babs’ cream lubed breasts, with the pink-purple tip of my penis peeping out between her boobs at the top of each stroke. My hairy belly was rubbing against Babs’ taut aroused nipples with each thrust as I tit-fucked her. I well knew that when girls are really aroused they can come to orgasm just by stimulating their nipples, and my belly was certainly doing that for Babs! She was soon panting, gasping, moaning and quivering with hot arousal. Babs’ tight warm cleavage felt just like a girl’s vagina, and after what felt like ages of sex pleasure my steel hard penis sliding up and down squeezed between her soft, smooth well lubed breasts my cum jerked its load between her boobs. I pushed Babs backward with my last thrust, my knob slid up till my knob was poking high up above her breasts, and my semen fountained over her face and hair. In her excitement Babs’ arms slid round me and she gripped my backside to pull me hard against her soft breasts.

Lucy and Tony were still going but I could see Tony was close to coming. His face was twisted as if in agony, his entire body was tensed and he was gripping Lucy’s shoulders as her lips continued sliding up and down his rod. I watched till he thrust his hips forward and pulled Lucy’s head against his belly if he was trying to ram his cock as far down Lucy’s throat. He gave that strangled grunt every guy gives when his semen spurts, then nearly pushed Lucy over as his hips thrust and his body juddered in his orgasm. 

After a final dip under the shower to wash my semen off Babs’ boobs and where my and Tony’s semen had run down our thighs the four of us came out of the wet room and flopped naked onto Babs’ bed. Like the evening before we drank cold beers from the minibar, watched the hotel TV’s porn channel and romped and fondled with the girls on the beds. My cock was aching hard again and Tony’s looked as hard up as a guys cock can get. Lucy whispered something in Tony’s ear, Tony grinned, then Tony and Lucy put on just enough clothes to be decent and left Babs and me. 

The door was scarcely closed behind them before I was gently nudging Babs onto her back on the bed and easing her legs apart. I was frantic to mount her and get my cock up her. But she squirmed out from under me. 

“Bed’s boring!” Babs said with a laugh.”Let’s try something different!” 

In a moment Babs was on the big wide armed black leather armchair, with a knee on each of its wide arms, her bottom toward me smooth and gleaming under the light, and her smooth shaven pussy bulging out beneath her bum cheeks with her pink labia glistening with sex juice. She looked at me over the long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and her fingers peeped out between her legs as she reached down to play with her pussy and to run a fingertip smoothly along the lips of her slit.

“Please … like this.” She said softly. 

That certainly looked more interesting than bed! I stood behind Babs and began to play with her, caressing the backs and insides of her wide spread thighs, stroking her bum cheeks and tickling her along her bum crack, getting close enough that the head of my hard up cock brushed against her legs. My hand slowly worked its way closer and closer to her vagina, and while it crept toward her cunt Babs smoothly masturbated her pussy. She was soon hot and wild and when my fingers first touched her juice soaked labia she cried out and quivered with excitement. I stroked her vagina lips and circled her clit with a fingertip to take her to the brink of orgasm. It didn’t take me long to get her trembling and whimpering with arousal and sex pleasure. 

Then it was my turn! I took hold of her spread thighs and teased her by prodding and nuzzling her arousal swollen labia with my knob before I slid in full length so my bush of pubes brushed against her mound. I felt her vagina muscles squeeze around my shaft every bit as tight and smooth as her breasts had been. I held her thighs tightly and gave her vagina full length rhythmic thrusts, and watched her bare back and golden hair rock with the rhythm of my thrusting penis as my hips pat-patted and rubbed against her big soft bum. She climaxed quickly but I held her tight and kept going inside her pulsing vagina as her back arched and she involuntarily thrust her hips in the pulses of her orgasm. She was whimpering with the pleasure of her afterglow as my own cum began to rise. In my orgasm thrust as I filled her with semen I rammed my belly against her soft buttocks so hard I shoved her up the armchair. I stood there for a brief while holding her bum against my hips before I stepped back. Babs stayed in position with her knees on the arms of the chair. 

“Oooooohhh! That was so good!” she gasped, and she reached down between her legs to clutch her pussy, while my semen mixed with her juice trickled down the insides of her thighs. We flopped on the bed for one last beer together and to watch the rest of the porn movie. Then regardless of the early start planned for the next day Babs and I settled down for a busy night in Babs’ big double bed!

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