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Bisexual: Return to Earth

Inskickad av: Sexman

Daniel tossed and turned. The screams were coming from everywhere as he watched helpless people burning. He couldn’t help them. He tried to get to them but they got farther away. He was in space. The station was miles away. Its black and silver shell reflecting the sunlight as it turned on the axis. Five thousand people still went about their lives as the Emporium burned. What went wrong did he miss something? Maybe the deactivation didn’t work, did they change it? He tried to swim to the station. Tiny bits of light started to emerge along bottom where the emporium was. More screams echoed the others. He saw panic in her eyes as explosions rocked the station taking out one level then the next. Twelve levels full of all types of people. He screamed but heard no sound as a massive explosion blew the stations into bits and pieces. The vacuum of space extinguished flames and any life that might have survived the explosion. He was alone in space. He felt the sun on his face as he twisted around. Slowly all light started to fade. Darkness enveloped him. He screamed again and again for help. None came. He was alone in the darkness of space, a failure to protect once again.
Daniel bolted straight up as he gasped for air. His heart rate shot up sending the alarms in the room into a chorus of beeps. He tried to get his breath shaking his head as his eyes failed to open. There was nothing but muffled sounds and complete darkness around him.

“Marshal Miller, relax, calm down and take a deep breath. You are in the Medical Center. Please calm down and lay back,” a soft hand grabbed his arm and his reflexes reached and grabbed the wrist and pulled. The woman screamed as he locked his arm around her and squeezed. “Marshal please,” the woman’s voice got softer quieter as his arm locked around her throat. His mind was clearing as he started to hear more clearly. He heard several others rushing towards them.

“Marshal, “ a familiar female voice called him as she was grabbing his arm trying to break his hold. The woman in his grasp stopped struggling as the pressure he was applying started to lessen. As more sounds became clear and familiar. “That’s it relax. You are safe here. You really need to remember that,” the familiar voice continued and stoked his arm sliding towards his hand as he released the woman and felt a firmer hand lock with his. “Until he is accustomed to the blindness or it clears up everyone is to remain at least arm length from him while he is asleep. He may sleep more than normal but that is expected. Two people are to be in the room if he is to awakened. Now everyone out. The show is over,” she squeezed his hand as he closed his around hers.

“Not her, stay moment, please” Daniel whispered hoarsely. His hand trembled as he reached up and rubbed his face. “I’m sorry,” he said barely audible. His and moving in the air reaching out to where the woman had moved away. He turned his head toward the familiar woman and squeezed her hand tighter. “She’s okay right? Please tell me I didn’t hurt her.”

The doctor looked at the young woman and was about to answer when she stepped forward and took is other hand. “Marshal, I’m fine, shaken but fine,” she rubbed his hand in reassurance. “I’ve had worse hugs from my cousins.”

He heard her gasp as he held her hand tight, pulled it up and kissed the back of it. He took a deep breath turned his head and took another. Slowly he smiled. He shifted around as best he could and finally had to release the Doctor’s hand before he was able to reach over to the stand behind him. There was a vase of cut flowers and his fingers just barely reached. He heard the Doctor stifle a giggle as she reached over and pulled the vase closer to him his fingers moving around in the arrangement as she held it. It wasn’t until he touched a rose that he grinned again as he pulled it out of the arrangement. 

He sat up and turned his torso toward the woman still holding his hand. He couldn’t see her but her voice was soft and youthful. The skin on her hand was smooth and callous free. He could smell a vague aroma of lavender and cherries. Not a great combination but he imagined she was on a tight budget and used what was available.

He pulled her hand and drew her closer and he heard her gasp and slightly resist. He smiled and shook his head. “Relax, calm down and take a deep breath,” he said to her, reciting her words to him. He reached up extending the flower letting the bud rub against her skin. He slowly drew it down her arm and across her hand before holding it out to her. “Don’t let something like this scare you. Do your job as you did and you will see good success in this job.” She took the flower and felt his hand let hers go. “I am truly sorry,” he said as he fell back onto the bed.

She laughed. “Just something to tell the grand kid about some day. But let’s not make a habit of it.” She reached over and caressed his face as she walked towards the door. “I’ll be back when the breakfast trays come around. Hope you like pancakes.”

Daniel followed her voice and just nodded. He shifted his attention to the doctor when he was sure the nurse was gone.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name. Are you Dr. Branson or Dr. Caspen?”

“Doctor Alisha Branson, Marshal Miller. It’s a pleasure to have a chance to introduce myself. Michele, Dr. Caspen, will visit when she can. She was called to maternity for a delivery. I’m certain she will be happy as well. She did ask me to apologize for her absence when you woke up.”

Daniel looked at the direction that her voice was coming from. She was moving around and from the sounds of things she walking funny. “How long am I stuck here,” he asked.
She tried not to laugh but a little chuckle escaped. “Not exactly the first question I expected you to ask. Nothing about your condition, what happened after you passed out on the food court. Just point blank ‘how long am I stuck here’."

Daniel shook his head as she knocked something over on the floor and grumbled as she bent to pick it up. “My condition is not dead as I should be. Plasma gas is a corrosive agent even a small amount inhaled would cause air passages start burning dissolving away. The festering of tissue would close off the air passage there by suffocating its victim. If the gas made it to the lungs, the corrosive action would dissolve them as well. The person would start to drown as blood filled what remained of the lungs then succumb to asphyxiation. The process is uncontainable. As for my eyes I suspect that though I never had my eyes low enough to be fully enveloped in the gas, it is possible that fumes managed to get in and damage one or more of the organs that allow a person to see. So my condition is that I am dead or there is some new technology that I am not aware of that was capable of preventing my death. I can only hope that whatever there is after this life is not just an extension of this one. A lot of people have died believing they were going to a better place. Even though I am skeptical I do hope from time to time I am wrong and there is a better place after this one.”

Dr. Branson stood open mouthed. “I will be honest, I didn’t think you had a clear idea of what you were doing. Don’t take that as not be thankful, I am very, very grateful. There are not many would sacrifice themselves in that way for someone they didn’t know. You did and saved two lives. Even if the asshole didn’t deserve it. Seems you knew the consequences all to well. I’m not sure if that makes you noble or just crazy.”

Daniel lifted his legs and swung them down over the bedside. He would have been able to get up if his feet hadn’t hit something on the floor. The next thing he knew Dr. Branson was at his side and pushing him back down.

“Not yet. You’re confined to bed for at least another twenty-four hours.” Daniel groaned and tried to shift off the bed but she pressed him down again holding him by the shoulder. “It will be more if you argue with me. Despite the fact that you seem to have recovered more than expected in such a short time we need to run tests. You were immobile for over three weeks and there could be some degeneration in muscle tissue. Once we are satisfied that you can walk without falling on your face you can get out of bed. You won’t be able to leave the room without help but everything in time. Now get back in bed Amy should be back shortly with your breakfast. I’ll allow the pancakes to see if you can keep them down. If not, then its oatmeal jello and pudding for you.”

“Hopefully not all at once then I really would get sick” Daniel joked as she caressed his cheek and helped him settle back on the bed. “Honestly I am not really hungry. Could go for…”

“There’s a guy here to drop off another get well,” Amy’s voice broke in. “he said to tell you that it’s just how you made it.”

Daniel felt her hand on his arm as she guided his hand up and put a cup in his hand. “He said to tell you careful it’s hot.”

“Coffee, “ Daniel titled his head and smelled the beverage. Dr. Branson reached and stopped him from taking a sip. She glanced at Amy as she looked back at the cup. “Something wrong,” Daniel asked as he felt the pressure Alisha was applying. It took a moment but Amy finally got the message. “No everything is fine. We just have to be sure that things coming in from the Emporium are not contaminated. I ran it through a bio scanner before I came in with it. It’s perfectly fine, although the caffeine content might keep you awake.” Alisha let go and watched as Daniel took a small drink.

“Ahhh yes, “ he moaned a little as he took a sip. “Why didn’t he bring it in himself,” he asked after a few sips.

“It’s because of directions from the Marshals’ office. Only marshals and medical staff until you’re completely healed. They don’t want anything interfering with your recovery.” Alisha replied, her tone more professional.

Daniel turned his head toward her hearing the slight change in her tone. “I feel fine with the exception of not seeing. I trust that is a good thing since then I wouldn’t see the absence of the promised breakfast.”

Amy gasped and laughed. “I got a little excited when he brought in the coffee its ben along time since I had any. I wanted to get it in to you as soon as possible before it got cold.

Daniel heard her run out and down the hall. “Something wrong Doctor?”

Alisha looked at him. His eyes were staring right at her as if he could see right where she was. “Nothing wrong per say.” She hesitated as she leaned over his shoulder and rubbed his chest. “It’s just going to be a long day for you. First, some tests to see how your body is recovering and more to see why you can’t see. I am also putting you in for some physical therapy to help get back some muscle tone. Having a bunch of people in and out of here would interfere with that. Not to mention the intrusion it would cause to the other patients. You’ll have to deal with your fan club when you get released.” She sounded a little upset.

Daniel struggled to take another sip as he tried to steady himself and tried get in a better-seated position. “I think you have me confused with someone else. I have no fans. As a Marshal, I am probably more likely to have enemies. We always have to be the bad guys, enforcing the rules even when we don’t agree with them.”

Alisha sighed. “Maybe fan club is a bit strong termed. There are a lot of people out there that are very grateful for what you did. Those that can, have been sending gifts of all kinds. Some very expensive.”

Daniel turned his hand with the coffee cup and let out a sigh. “When Amy gets back she can put a call in for me to the Marshals. They can put out a station wide broadcast to put an end to that.”

“No, “ Alisha sat on the bed next to him and took the cup from his hand. She took his hand and caressed it. “You don’t understand. Some of these people are in the lowest class on the station. They sacrificed to send these things to show they are grateful to find a Marshal that is willing to sacrifice it all to save them. People have changed on this station since that day. They are more polite, kinder, more are laughing and enjoying life. It’s a reminder that not everyone here is a part of the criminal element, as everyone believes. Impose the marshals on them and they will begin to fear them again. For now be gracious and accept them as they come. Eventually it will come to an end.” She stood up, just as Amy came in. “Just remember there are over five thousand on this station, and they all have relatives. So it may not end soon.”

Amy was quiet as she let the legs of the try unfold and she activated the bed so that it angled better to the tray. Daniel reached and patted her hand. “Could you bring me a couple of empty cups?”

She nodded and then gasped realizing he couldn’t see her shake her head. “Sure, what for?” She asked, as she was glad he couldn’t see her turning red with embarrassment.
Daniel smiled at her and let her go. “Bring them and I’ll tell you.”

He started reaching for the plate and felt around for the fork putting his hand into the plate then nearly knocking over the juice. Alisha laughed and grabbed his hand and wiped it of any food with the napkin. “In case you forgot you’re supposed to put the food in your mouth not on your hand.” She scooped a fork full of eggs and put it to his lips. He took it in his mouth and swallowed them nearly whole.

“You could have just handed me the fork,” he grinned as she popped a fork full of pancake between his lips.

“Trying to take my job away Doctor Branson, “Amy asked as she came back and placed the cups on the tray.

“Just trying to make sure he doesn’t wear it, worse than a toddler had to play with his food.”

Amy laughed and they both watched as Daniel took the coffee cup and poured some into the two cups. “Now the two of you can go and enjoy this and leave me to eat in peace or continue to sit here and be insulting.”

Amy whined, “I wasn’t being insulting, and I really shouldn’t. You know what it takes to get a cup of this stuff? I heard the biodome cut the coffee section in half to make room for more nutritious trees. Not that I won’t be unhappy to see the cost of orange juice drop.”

Daniel pushed the cups in opposite directions. “All the more to enjoy it when it’s available. Now go and enjoy I insist. Consider it a reward for services rendered.” He swallowed as he spoke and he felt the energy leave his body. “I may have to do this on my own eventually anyway, right. I may as well get the practice now.” He tried to add a little humor to it but failed.

“You’re not looking to good. Are you sure nothing is wrong?” Alisha put her hand on his head and then turned his wrist so she could see the monitoring device. Other than an increase in heart rate and temperature, nothing was out of the ordinary. Daniel nodded and she looked at Amy. “Come on. I don’t know about you but it’s been a while since a man has bought me a drink. I’m not about to let it go to waste.” She put the fork in Daniels hand as she grabbed up the cup. “We will be just outside so if you need anything just call.”

Out in the hallway Dr. Branson and Amy both stood at the nursing station and watched the monitors. Another nurse was sitting watching them as two other doctors read charts and talked about a mutual patient’s treatment. Every room was tied directly to them. The station nurse would be alerted to the patient’s conditions and act accordingly. Dr. Branson knew they would know if there was a change in Daniels condition. She took a small sip of the coffee and was surprised that it was slightly sweet just as she liked hers. She looked around trying to pass the time. The pale blue walls of the med center were only offset by the color stripes down the center to distinguish the wings. She had often wished they would paint another color just to change things up. They said it was a waste of limited resources.

She took another drink as she looked at the other staff that walked about. There weren’t many on staff this early and they went about the day as if nothing unusual had happened. Dr. Branson looked at Amy and the small abrasions on her neck form Daniels choking hold. She wondered if it was her fault for not having Daniel in restraints. He was a marshal, trained in all sorts of skills. This morning was proof that he could be a danger not just to the staff but possibly himself. She shook her head and cleared that thought. They were trained. That training taught them self-control. If anyone was going to get through this, he could. She reached over and took Amy’s arm. She smiled at the surprised girl as she gently pulled her around the counter. “Come with me,” she said nearly dragging the poor girl to an examine room.

Amy groaned when some of the coffee spilled on her hand. “What’s wrong,” she asked licking it off.

“In all the fuss I forgot to give you a checkup,” Alisha replies setting her cup on a counter.

“”I’m fine,” Amy protested as her cup was taken and set aside.

“I’m sure you are but protocol says you need to be looked over. At the very least I need to treat that abrasion. Around this place, it could get infected just walking in a patient’s room. Now take off your top,” Alisha was smiling as she closed the door and keyed the privacy screen causing the entire door to fog over.

Amy grumbled but did as she was told. Alisha turned to her and looked the girl over. She didn’t have the girl’s records but she could guess a lot about her. Amy was young, no more than twenty-one years old. She was a first year nurse, indicated by the solid white shirt and knee high shorts. It was the standard nurse outfit and single lapel pin showed her service years. She stood no more than five foot tall and weighed maybe one hundred twenty pounds and her long hair was tied back but enough was loose to outline her white face and hazel eyes. She was petite and beautiful.

Alisha tried to focus on the task. She managed to hide a smile as girl had also removed her breast support standing completely naked from the waist up. It was difficult not to look at her small firm globes as they rose and fell with her breathing.

“Well get up on the bed. May as well be comfortable while I do this.” She waved Amy back to the bed and stepped to her left as she tilted Amy’s head to the side. “He must have caught you with the monitoring device on his arm. I don’t think he could have done it elsewise.”

Amy tried to lift her head but Alisha gave her a light tap on the side just above her ear. She let out an exasperated sigh and shook her head as she pushed her head back the way it was.

“Aside from the whole choking thing it actually wasn’t so bad. I think it would have been more of a tight hug if it had been anywhere other than my neck . Now that would have felt good. Then again having a man touching me at all would feel good. I kind of had a feeling he wouldn’t hurt me he was just scared.” She moaned a little and squirmed as Alisha hand cupped one of her breasts. “I didn’t think he would be so strong. Everything I studied about Regen treatments said patients woke up weakened and frail.”
Alisha laughed. “That would be the typical recovery. But everything I have learned about Marshal Miller says he’s not the typical type.” Alisha released Amy’s breast as her finger rubbed against the nipple. She grinned as Amy sighed despondently. She shifted to the other side and started her exam allover starting with her neck. She cup Amy’s other breast and leaned down to examine it for any damage. This time she immediately started to rub the erect nipple. The added feeling of Alisha’s breath on Amy’s breast made the girl giggle and gasp out. Reluctantly Alisha let go and stepped away to get some salve and applied it to the abrasion.

“I am seeing some slight bruising on your breast, its barely visible so for now just keep an eye on it. See me, or another doctor, immediately if the color deepens or if it becomes overly sensitive to the touch. Or maybe you could see the Marshal, he may have some ideas on how to sooth any pain,” she flicked Amy’s nipple one more time and headed for the door. Amy just grinned and mumbled as she stood up. She grabbed up her clothing and got dressed. Before she released the door, Alisha looked over at the bed and chuckled. The bed sheet had a nice wet spot right in center.

Daniel waited a moment then set the fork down. He suddenly wasn’t hungry. He held the coffee cup as he thought back to the past years. The bio dome was the largest facility on the moon. It housed over seventy percent of the food sources available. It was built at the same time as Station One. I had plants and animals from all over the world, and some that were created since. The evacuation forced humanity to put most of the differences aside. It was purely self-serving. If they hadn’t humanity would have become extinct. Scientists around the world got together and figured out a way to build the space station as well as a series of lifts that shot up through eh atmosphere. The atmospheric elevators had shown strain as it took over a thousand trips to bring up just the soil. He had spent four years there. He missed the smells, the sounds of the animals and the birds. He even missed the insects. There was something about the fell of feel of dirt under his feet the smell of fresh oxygen. It was as close to being on Earth as any would ever get. Over the years, even the gravity issue addressed as artificial gravity was created. Humanity was surprising itself with what it could do when set to do it.
He could have gone back. He still had a position there whenever he wanted it. He had many experiences since leaving there. He met many people, witnessed things he wouldn’t have if he were still there. However, for as much as he didn’t resent any of his choices he would have gladly foregone it all to have her back, to change what had happened that day. He hadn’t been back to the Biodome since.

“You didn’t eat,” Amy’s soft voice, scolded. “Now it’s cold and won’t taste very good.”

“Not really hungry as I thought I guess,” Daniel replied coming out of his trance. “I think the idea of being a pincushion all day made me lose my appetite.”

“Oh stop it,” she demanded. “We haven’t used pins in years. We still got the needles though, so you better behave.”

Daniel faked a laugh and polished off the rest of the coffee before Amy took away the tray and left Alisha with him. If she hadn’t moved, he wouldn’t have known she was there.
“It’s a little unfair sitting silent in a blind man’s room doctor. You should at least let him know that your there.”

She was silent still. He heard her close the door and the soft sound of the privacy screen activating. “Do you remember what I look like Marshal?” she whispered.

Daniel wasn’t sure where this was going but decided that he amuse himself a little. “ Sure. You’re kind of short. Female, at least in appearance though I have been meaning to question that detail. Weight, somewhere around three hundred fifty pounds. You had a nasty messed up hairstyle. I’m not sure if it was to cover the bald spot or if it was just the moment. You also smelled of stale bread and think you had a mustache forming.”

Alisha groaned. “And you held my fat ass all that time. Seriously please, do you remember?”

Daniel could hear a little desperation in her voice. “With everything else you want to know if I noticed what you looked like. There was so much going on.”

“I didn’t…”

“You were wearing a black short sleeve half shirt with a black long sleeve jacket white and black pattern along the buttons with form fitting white suit pants. The Half shirt think because the top of it seemed to just come to the top of your thirty-four b cup breasts. You had slip on flats also black. Your about five foot seven and weigh about one thirty. Your physically fit and filled out nicely as is shown in the firmness of your ass. You have brown eyes. Your hair is brown bordering a shade of red. It’s long but you had it tied up and back. It was held back with a clip that had a monarch butterfly on it. You dry clean you clothing and smelled of jasmine with honeysuckle.”

She cleared her throat as she came around and sat on his bed. “Wow, I was hoping just for a comment on my ass.”

She took his hand and pressed it to her chest. His fingers flexed s they came in contact with bare skin and she move d his hand around rubbing her breast with his hand. She encouraged his hand to go lower as she slide it over the stomach and down between her legs. The heat between them was nice on his fingers as he flicked his finger over her clit and ran a finger down between the slit.

“Did you think…,” she moaned and pressed her hips down rocking back and forth on his hand. His thumb and forefinger rolling her clit pinching it as his index slid deep between her folds. She jumped when he reached around her and drew her closer and started to caress her breast again rubbing the harden nipple as he stoked her clit and fingered her harder. She shuddered as he touched that most sensitive spot and her eyes fluttered. He leaned down and kissed her breast letting his tongue slip out and around the nipple and areola. She convulsed again and held the back of his head as he suckeld her breast.

She groaned as she pushed him back as the third time hit. “ did you think I was pretty,” she managed to ask as she put her clothing back on.

Daniel lifted the hand that he had between her legs and started to lick the juices from his fingers. She moaned as she watched. “I think though you’re asking the wrong question,” he said between licks. “Think you mean do I think you are pretty. And the answer is yes. Both you and your wife are very attractive women.” He smiled and gave his fingers another lick. “And at least one of you tastes pretty good too.”

She was silent as she walked over and kissed him. “Thank you.”

She opened the door a moment later and Daniel just smiled. It was short lived as Amy came in and with the help of another nurse transferred him to a grav bed and started him towards the first tests of the day. He didn’t argue or complain and did what he could to help, answering question when he was asked and several hours later he was back in his room. Dinner and a new cup of coffee were waiting. This time he ate, as Amy fed him to be sure of it. Dr. Caspen came in just as she started and laughed.
“Already got the pretty nurse to wait on you I see.”

Daniel looked at the doorway, seeing nothing but the all now all to familiar blackness. “Thank you for clarifying that. I had guessed she was pretty, in fact very much so. I just had yet to think of a very tactful way to confirm my guess. However, her presence here is not my request, she insisted even through my protests.”
“Snitch,” Amy groaned as she shoved a piece of bread in his mouth.

Michele stepped in looked around. “Don’t worry. Alisha has already told me about the activities of today. I would have to agree with her that the marshal here would be stubborn, declining any amount of help. If we are to get him back on his feet and out doing the job he is supposed to we may need to bend a few of the normal protocols. In fact, she believes you are perfect to keep him in line. So effective immediately he is also your patient. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make him your only one. As his doctors, we are giving you permission to so as you see fit that he recovers, within reason of course. We don’t want to do anything that might lead to something we can’t fix.”
“Great, outnumber the blind man,” Daniel laughed as he reached for the coffee.

Michele laughed sitting on the edge of bed. “Most men wouldn’t complain about having so much attention from three attractive women.”

Daniel stared at her. “I’ll have to take your word on that Doctor. In case you forgot I really can’t see that for myself.”

Amy shifted on her side of the bed and watched as Michele undid her shirt and revealed she had nothing underneath. “You may be able to use that blind man routine when it comes to Amy here, but as I said, Alisha told me about everything that went on today. We have no secrets,” she said as she stood and walked around the bed and closed the door as she passed. She looked at Amy with a knowing glint in her eye. She smiled as the young girl blushed and looked away. “She even told me about how very deive you were of what she looked like the day we all met. I doubt that your memory of me is any different.”

“For all I knew I was describing you,” Daniel listen to the soft sounds of her moving and just grinned. 

Michele stopped in front of Amy. She caressed the sides of her face and lifted her as gently guided her to her chest. Amy’s gasp of surprise found her mouth full of Michele nipple. “I was going to ask you how you knew who was who,” she whispered as she rubbed Amy’s back. Moving slowly, Michele massaged Amy’s back drawing Amy up form he seated position. It didn’t take long before she was cupping the young girl’s ass cheeks. She rested her hands a moment, giving her ass a squeeze. Amy moaned and pressed deeper into Michele’s breast moving her head side to side and sucking one then the other.

Daniel waited a second to listen. “Based on the marshal Commander saying details that only one of you would know about. You my injuries, and Dr. Branson about the amount of time I was exposed to the gas.”

Michel moaned a little as Amy’s lips pulled on her nipple and she slid her hands around and unfastened Amy’s shorts and pushed them down. As she expected the girl wasn’t wearing panties. She reached down and rubbed her between her legs. Amy shifted to move away Michele leaned down and drew the girls face with a soft kiss on the lips. She pulled back shaking her head as she turned Amy around and pressed her against the side of the bed. She move her leg between Amy’s and opened them as she took her hand and guided it to Daniel’s. She didn’t move as Michele let her hand go and moved up her body, cupped and flicked the nipples on both breasts. She leaned into Amy’s neck and kissed along the back and felt Amy shiver. It didn’t take long for this to cause Amy to drag Daniel’s hand between her legs. She sighed as he wrapped his fingers around massaging them into her folds. He pinched her clit as it slid out and rolled it around in between his thumb and index finger. Amy closed her legs trapping his hand there and pushed down. Her body was shaking. She was getting wetter and her howl body tingled. Daniel slid two fingers just inside her hooking them upwards as he rubbed in and out only lightly pressing the soft spot he found. Amy squealed.

Michele kissed Amy’s ear and held her as she shook harder. She could smell the sweet aroma emanating from her. “Now that’s a proper way to get off young lady.” She whispered and let the girl go sitting back down by Daniel who reluctantly pulled his hand away. Michele straightened herself up as she went in the bathroom and brought out a washcloth. She cleaned Amy up take a few liberties putting her finger all the way in and back out and to her mouth to get a taste. She helped Amy dress. She leaned down and gave Daniel a small kiss on the cheek. “She needed it more than me, I’m definitely next , mean time I have patients to see, including a set of twins” she chuckled and headed out. Amy was still breathing hard when she started to feed Daniel again.

“Seriously” he asked jokingly.

“Yes seriously. You need to eat because I want more of that,” she gasped out.

Daniel laughed and took the offed food.

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