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Lesbian: exploring my niece

Inskickad av: Kenny

My name is Samantha, I am in my 30’s. I am 5’7” dark hair, large breasts and a cunt that aches for pussy. I had a couple of disastrous relationships with men, they did nothing for me and I have since had some wonderful, sexually exploring, affairs with woman. I am a lesbian without a shadow of a doubt, I have learnt what women like and what I like and I am at last happy with my life.

My niece Sophie is 18. My sister-in-law brought her up single handedly but due to her disastrous relationship with Sophie’s father my idiot of a brother, who has now passed away, she had reared Sophie in a very sheltered environment. Sophie is socially inept, very innocent – not how a teenager should be. She is 5’3”, very petite, blonde, developing budding breasts and I know she has a huge crush on me. 

She helps in the summer holidays at my stables, taking care of mine and my clients’ horses. She adores horses and my sister feels this environment is right for her, I feel it is holding her back and she should be socialising with people her own age but I respect my sister-in-law’s wishes. 

I am more aware of her attraction towards me particular this summer, I cannot deny I am flattered by her attention and I am also finding myself watching her more and more. She wears tight little t-shirts, no bra and most of the time pink tight jodhpurs which cling to her svelte figure, revealing the most delicious camel toe, but of course she does not have a clue how tempting she is. She’s easy on the eye and I cannot deny I have lain awake at night stroking my pussy thinking of her numerous times but reprimand myself afterwards, reminding myself she is my niece.

I have been away from the yard most of today, carrying out business off site. Sophie has been on the yard all day, she is more than capable and I am happy to trust my business with her. I finally get back to the yard at 6pm, clients have all gone home and Sophie is finishing off and is upstairs tidying the tack room.

Tired from a day of travelling and viewing horses, I climb the stairs and smile to myself as I hear the kettle go on and Sophie asking whether I want tea or coffee, she is such a kind girl. Walking into the room she shrieks and throws herself at me with a hug, showering me with kisses. I do not know what comes over me, whether it’s the kisses to my collar bone, neck and cheeks or her body rubbing up to mine but I am overcome with the urge to go further.

I manoeuvre my mouth over hers and kiss her then push my tongue against hers licking the seam of her lips. Her mouth opens allowing my tongue into her mouth, sweeping inside over her teeth and tangling with hers. We continue kissing for ages, Sophie pushing herself into my body and moaning softly. The kettle whistling brings our closeness to a stop as she breaks away to deal with it. 

I move over to one of old stuffed chairs and perch on it trying to contain feelings inside me which are desperate to act but my conscience says no. My belly is fluttering and my pussy throbs with a dull ache. She reaches over me to reach for a new jar of coffee, her t-shirt rides up exposing her midriff and I lean forward and kiss her fair skin. She smells divine, young soft skin and her body scent, I can’t help but explore the area licking and kissing. She stays in that position, no longer interested in the coffee but grasping the shelf as my mouth explores her.

I venture higher, nudging her top up with my nose, over her ribs. Her heart is beating fast, she moans,

“More, please more.” Letting go of the shelf, coming down off her toes and pulling her t-shirt over her head. She stands now in front of me, my face level with her budding small breasts and her eyes gazing intently at me. 

“What do you want Sophie?” I ask.

“I..I..I..I…ddddon’t rrrreally know, I jjjjjjust want mmmmmore!” She stammers. My hands stroke her belly, smoothing her skin, leaning forward my lips enclose over one of her nipples, sucking the flesh into my mouth, licking and grazing my teeth over the bud. 

The skin tightens in reaction to my attention and her hand goes to the back of my head, pulling me even closer. I move my mouth to her other bud, repeating the action, she is panting now and I can feel her knees shaking against my leg. I move my leg between hers and pull her down to squat on my thigh putting my hands to her hips to hold her steady.

I continue kissing and licking her all over her front as she clutches my shoulders for balance. Returning to her mouth, I kiss her and immediately her lips open to receive me, our kiss becomes more forceful pushing hard against each other. Sophie is grinding her crotch against my thigh, wiggling herself back and forth on me, I can feel her heat through my leg.

Eventually I break this kiss, my conscience gets the better of me, this is my niece, what am I doing? I push her away and stand up to make the coffee. With my back to Sophie, I hear her gasp, I turn round and she is looking down at the crotch of her jodhpurs which has a dark patch. She looks to me red with embarrassment, 

“Oh no! I’ve wet myself, how did that happen?” She is visibly embarrassed and without any hesitation she pulls off her boots, socks and wiggles out of her riding trousers.

Now standing in front of me in a pair of pink panties with an extremely damp patch clearly visible, I place my hands on her shoulders and softly tell her,

“Honey, you haven’t wet yourself at all.” Her brow furrows querying my statement and I try to explain,

“You’re ust turned on from our kissing etc.,” She doesn’t understand, I am so annoyed at my sister-in-law for continuing to keep such a lovely young girl so innocent.

I brush two pads of my fingers over the damp patch and bring them up and smell them, definitely not pee, only a beautiful musky smell of her juices. She watches me intently, I put my fingers under her nose,

“See no pee smell there!” She sniffs cautiously and her face relaxes when my actions confirm my statement. My conscience seems to have disappeared now I have smelt her.

“Sweetheart why don’t you take those wet panties off and sit yourself on the trunk and I will take a look at you.” She instantly complies and shimmies out of her underwear and perches her bottom on the trunk. 

Gently kneeling down in front of her, I place my hands on her knees, sliding my hands up her thighs pushing her legs apart. My heart is racing, before me is the most beautiful sight. She has a virtually hairless sit with the tiniest blush of downy hair, prising her puffy lips apart with my thumbs, her inner lips are glistening with her juices. I slide my thumbs up her folds, opening the skin up, pushing her inner labia apart and revealing her already swollen clit. Beads of her juices, white and creamy, secrete from her cunt as I stroke her. 

She leans back on her hands, her body flushed and her chest rising and falling with her quickened breathing. I look up at her,

“Is this want you want, Baby?” I ask.

“Aunty I still don’t know what happening but I don’t want you to stop!” She confesses. I lean in and lick up her pussy catching her juices on my tongue and drawing it into my mouth to taste her. She moans and gasps,

“Yes…Oh yes……Do it again pleeease!” I repeat the process, she tastes divine, the more I lick her the more her juices push out. I close my mouth over her budding clit, drawing the sensitive flesh into my mouth, sucking and flicking my tongue over it. 

She is gasping now, tilting her hips toward my mouth,

“More, more, more, please don’t stop what you’re doing it’s sooo good!”

I continue to suck on her bud, I slide one of my fingers over her lips, coating it in her juices and move it to the entrance of her cunt. Pushing my finger in to first knuckle and then further until it is completely in, her pussy is so tight it confirms my suspicion that she is without doubt a virgin.

Sliding in and out, her pussy clenches against my digit, I insert a second finger stretching her wider, I cannot feel her hymen but it is a common fact that a lot of horse riders, their hymen breaks from all the riding. I turn my fingers palm upwards and start to push them in and out in a pumping action, curling my fingers to stroke her walls. Her hips tilt further into my mouth, as she pants,

“More…..pleeeease don’t stop.” 

I can feel her muscles start to tense as she builds to her climax, I continue to suck her clit and fuck her with my fingers, watching her face as she comes with a loud shriek. Her cunt walls milk my fingers as she climaxes and I release the pressure sucking her clit as she peaks and goes over into that special place and continue to gently lick her until her breathing calms.

I lick her juices from her pussy, licking my fingers clean where her cum has pooled in my palm, she watches me intently as I do it. I kneel up higher and kiss her, pulling her to me, her mouth and tongue explore me, tasting her juices. 

“Do you taste the same?” She asks, I explain from my experiences everyone is different,

“Do you want to taste me?” I tentatively inquire,

“Yes, please I do.” She responds in an nervous whisper.

It is now late and my sister-in-law will wonder were Sophie is, I want more, I want to let this girl explore me, I don’t want to stop what has now started. 

“Sophie, why don’t you give Mum and ring and ask to stay at mine tonight? You mustn’t mention what we have done, I don’t think she’d like it very much.” I warn, Sophie has stayed at mine before so there is no need for her Mum to be suspicious.

She moves way and I hear her seek permission from her Mum to stay over and she comes back smiling from ear to ear.

“Honey, I know your clothes are wet but put your clothes back on to walk over to the house and I will put them in the machine to be cleaned when we get to there.”

We close up the yard and walk across to my house, Sophie seems distant and I am worried that the moment is broken and she is having second thoughts. At the house, I make us some tea and we eat in silence, I am convinced that my opportunity has passed, afraid to push the situation I fill the dishwasher and tell her I am off to shower, leaving her watching the TV, she knows where the spare room is so I leave her to her own devices, disappointed.

I strip off in my bedroom, throwing my dirty laundry into the basket and walk into the ensuite and turn the shower on. Stepping into the hot pummelling jets of water, I wash the day away, soaping my body, slipping my soapy hands between my legs to rub away my unsatisfied excitement from earlier, my body wants more so I decide to leave it until I am in bed and I can use my vibrator.

Drying off in the bathroom, Sophie comes to the doorway completely naked clutching her dirty clothes,

“Mmmm Aunty? Is it okay if I put these clothes in the washing machine?”

“Oh Baby, I am sorry, yes of course! You know where it is, okay to help yourself?” With that she disappears out of the bedroom.

I finish drying off and leaving just a bedside lamp on, I slip into bed relishing in the cool soft sheets. I switch the TV on and flick through the channels, I am restless, although tired, I am unable to sleep. Sophie appears at my bedside completely naked, I turn to her,

“Can I sleep with you in your bed tonight?” she asks.
“Of course, if you want to.” I reply pulling the sheets back to invite her in.

She gets into the bed laying on her back staring up at the ceiling. Something is very much on her mind but I decide not to push it, she will speak when she’s ready, so I continue to try and watch the TV.

From nowhere in a very quiet voice I hear her say

“I liked what you did to me this afternoon.”

“What did you like about it?” I push her.

“Oh you know…… those things…..”

She is obviously very nervous, my fingers itch to pull her to me, to taste her again. My belly flutters and my cunt itches to be stroked but I must take this slow. So I push further,

“What did you enjoy the most, my mouth on your breasts, my fingers stroking you or my mouth tasting you?”

“Oh all of it, my pussy has been aching ever since and I have to keep going to the bathroom and wiping myself as I keep getting so wet. I’m sorry if I wasn’t good enough for you!” She seemed so wound up and upset as she blurted this out.

“Oh come here, my darling!” I put my arm around her shoulders and pull her young nubile body until it touches mine and she lays on her side with her head on my shoulder, I can feel one of her small nipples moving against my side as she breathes, my skin was on fire being so close to her.

The sheet had moved and now exposed my breasts with her head so close I felt her breath ghost over my nipple, it was taking all my willpower not lose control. I rubbed my hand back and forth across her back her young skin so soft against mine. I continued to lay quietly caressing her, trying desperately to quieten my pumping heart.

Furtively, her small hand crept across my belly and starts to stroke the side of my ribs, tentatively moving higher until it encases my breast. Her hand rubs back and forth over my tightened nipple, her fingers skimming over the sensitive flesh. I exhale and let out a gentle moan to show her I appreciate what she was doing in the hope it encouraged her to do more. She continued to rub my aching flesh and I realised I need to more this forward.

“Pinch my nipple, Sophie. Pinch the flesh and roll it between your finger and thumb. Aahhhh that’s it………. not to hard………ohhhhh just right.” 

The pleasure and the pain her movement elicited rippled straight down to my core, my pussy felt hot and wet as my juices pushed out. She moved away from my shoulder, I panicked a bit thinking I had put her off but gasped in delight when her small mouth took my other nipple, sucking and laving it with her tongue. My back arched pushing me further into her mouth and my hand moved to the back of her head and gently encouraged her to continue.

Her teeth rasped over the tight knot of flesh.

“Oh yessss.” I hissed. “Rake your teeth over it, suck it hard…..” She willingly obliged pulling my tit deeper into her mouth, her teeth chafing on the sensitive bud and then her tongue licks smoothing the pain away.

She worked over my breasts for some time, alternating her wonderful mouth and her fingers over each mound. Giving me that pleasure and pain buzz that got me off so badly. Eventuall,y she moved down my stomach and my hand on the back of the head gave her a gentle push to encourage her lower. 

Sophie lay with her head on my stomach facing my mound, her fingers lightly exploring my bald slit with a clipped runway strip of pubic hair, I slid my legs open, offering her my fully exposed pussy. 

“Touch it sweetheart, pleeeeease. My pussy needs your attention, it aches for you to touch me soooo bad.” For two pins I could have grabbed her by the hair and forced her face into my cunt but I didn’t want to frighten her away, she was so new to all this.

Her fingers tentatively slipped between my outer lips, immediately coated in my copious juices, jeeze I was so turned on it was tracking out of my cunt and dripping onto the sheet!

“That’s it baby!” I gasped as her fingers briefly touched my expanding clit as she explored my folds.

“Baby, why don’t you have a taste? I so want to feel your sexy little mouth on my pussy.” I was feeling so frustrated at the slowness of things, I continued to remind myself she was a virgin but my cunt was so turned on it was ruling my mouth too!

Laying on my back, propping myself on my elbows, all I could see was her lovely blonde hair splayed out on my belly. Suddenly she moved from the bed and came around positioning herself between my legs and I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. She looked up at me, looking down on her, her huge blue eyes so full of innocence. I watched her open my pussy lips with her thumbs and gazed fixedly at my juice coated opening, looking back up into my eyes she leaned forward and raked her flattened tongue up my cleft ending at my clit, I could see my creamy juices coating her tongue and she pulled it back into her mouth. Her pupils dilated as she tasted me, savouring my flavour, then she dropped her eyes to my pussy and started to lick fervently. 

Her enthusiasm for lapping up my cunt juices had no words, the more she hungrily attacked me, the more turned on I became.

“That’s it baby, lick me, lick all my juice up into you sweet little mouth!”

Her tongue went to my clit, swirling over the engorged bundle of erotic nerves.

“Hey sweetheart? You want to make me cum? You need to suck my clitty, I need it sucked real hard baby.” I reached down with one hand and pulled my inner lips wide open, exposing my swollen button. Placing my finger on it, I rubbed it back and forth.

“See this, this is my clit baby. This is the detonator button, if you treat it right, it will help me cum, you remember me sucking you yesterday and making it all special? I need you to do this for me honey.”

Her dainty mouth closed over my nub and sucked it in. My hips bucked off the bed, she back off a little at my reaction.

“No, no Baby it’s all good, keep sucking, that’s a girl, harder ohhh….harder!” One of my hands fisted the sheet and other kept my pussy lips wide apart as her darling little mouth sucked at my clit, hollowing her cheeks in and out. Her beautiful blue eyes watching my face as the tension built towards orgasm.

“That’s it baby, keeping sucking, don’t stop, don’t stop, you’re gonna make me come real soon!” I arched my hips, the sparks flying behind my eyes, inside my body electric shocks zipping down my legs, building me up until I tipped over the edge, my cunt contracting against nothingness, my legs shaking at the glorious sensations running through my body.

She continued sucking hard, too hard for my body to stand, my clit became too sensitive to cope.

“Whoa baby, not so hard, just gentle licks, just nice gentle licks.” I murmured as my orgasm subsided and my heart stopped racing. She gently licked the cum oozing from my cunt and I reached down to pull her away and on top of me. I kissed her passionately, licking my juices from around and in her mouth, delighting at the taste of myself on her.

“Dddddid I ddddo okkkkay?” she nervously asked.

“Oh darling, more than okay. That was wonderful.” I kissed her again, holding her against me, her dainty little body skin to skin, I rubbed my hands over her back and down to her perky bottom, kneading her cheeks, pushing lowing stroking her pussy. I felt her breath increase against my neck, moaning softly as I caressed her.

“Hey Baby, why don’t you come kneel over my face, let me take a taste of your cunny now? Mmmm? I’m desperate to have another taste of you my darling girl.” Without hesitation she scrambled above me kneeling either side of my head facing the headboard, her wonderful dainty pink pussy just in reach of my hungry mouth.

“Now…… I want you to hold on to that headboard and you’re not to let go, okay?” I demand.

“Okay.” She immediately responded.

I very slowly pointed my tongue and moved it up and down her slit, up to her clit and back towards her cunt hole. Slow steady licks teasing her clit until it started to swell and push past the hood, she moaned so quietly to start with, until my tongue started to flick over her now swollen button. The faster I moved my tongue the louder her moans became until she pushed her pussy onto my face grinding herself down on me.

I moved my mouth over her clit sucking on it, pulling the flesh and distending it until my tongue could rasp back and forth over it’s tip while I continued to suck. It didn’t take long for my little virgin toy’s legs to start to tremble as she built towards the second orgasm in her life and then she went over the edge, panting and rubbing herself over my face. I let her excitement subside a little before I clamped my mouth again over her engorged button and drew the sensitive flesh hard into my mouth.

“No!” she gasped, “I can’t go again, I just can’t! It’s too much!”

I continued to suck relentlessly, sucking in a steady rhythm, my tongue again rubbing over her little clitty. Again she tensed and I sped up my ministrations, she cried out and she went over into another orgasm, gasping for air and the sensations took over her again. I gently licked her over and over as she calmed.

Before she had a chance to move away, I, for a third time clamped my mouth over her. 

“Stop, stop! It’s too much, I’ll pee myself, please no more!” She pleaded with me.

“Come on baby, one more pleeease!” I pushed and returned to sucking on her clit.

I held her hips pinned to my face as I worked her over, it took a while this time, I had to go easy on her, I sucked for a bit and then eased off, letting her calm before I built her up again. Eventually I went for it, sucking her harder and harder, reaching up to tweak her tiny little erect nipples pulling them and twisting them between my fingers.

Her legs started to tense, she was panting hard, looking down at me as my cheeks hollowed in and out slurping on her wetness, I could see in her eyes she was so near, so close, until she closed her eyes and let out a loud cry.

“YEEESSSSS I’m cumming!”

I felt her cunt contract and then she let out a stream of fluid from lips directly into my mouth. Yes! I had me a squirter, what a turn on. The fluid tasted so, so sweet as it dribbled into my mouth and I drank it hungrily, lapping up the drops. Her cunt oozed out her cum and I sucked that into my mouth too, dipping my tongue into her hole, tasting her dainty musky sweetness.

“Oh Baby!” I gasped. “You are an absolute delight. I cannot get enough of you my darling!” I gushed with excitement. I pulled her down onto the bed, stroking her hair as I pulled her close to my body until her breathing slowed and I knew she was asleep. I had exhausted the poor girl for sure! I drifted off to sleep myself with a contented look on my face, after all I was the cat who had found the cream!

I awoke early the next morning, to be greeted by the delightful sight of my innocent playmate suckling my nipple, lapping at the tightened, puckered knot of flesh. Her dainty hand, held my large bosom to her mouth as she explored the flesh with her tongue. Immediately my insatiable cunt started to warm and secrete juices. I lay in my half asleep state watching this young girl, transfixed, as she gave my nipple her undivided attention.

How on earth would I be able to keep this young thing to myself, to teach and to show her all the things that her body could give, and take. On one hand I felt riddled with guilt that I was taking advantage of my niece and on the other hand I tried to squash that doubt with the realisation that she was 18 years old and could and should make her own decisions in life. I so wanted to explore this young thing, to taste more and more of her addictive body.

“Baby? What do you think to turning the horses out for the day and coming back her to play some more?” I gently probed.

She continued suckling on me and looked at me with her huge unblinking blue eyes mumbling,


“Oh honey, did no one ever tell you, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full!” I chuckled to her.

“Come on, tear yourself away, we’ll quickly get these horses turned out and then we’ll come back to this.” I pulled my tit from her mouth with a plop and got out of bed, quickly dressing in a pair of jeans and shirt, not bothering with any underwear.

“Hey, I have no clothes dry!” Sophie complained. I realised although she had put her clothes in the washing machine, we had forgotten that they need to be dried too.

“Don’t worry have one of my t-shirts and a pair of shorts, they’ll be a bit big but I’ll lend you a belt to keep them up. That’s for the short time you’ll have them on! I’m not hanging around the yard for too long when I have far more interesting things to do!” I exclaimed as I rummaged in my wardrobe to find her something. I found what I was looking for and placed them on the bed for her and went off into the kitchen to grab a quick coffee.

She soon appeared in the doorway and hopped onto the work surface, I had forgotten she was considerably smaller than myself, the vest top barely covered her small breasts and the shorts although short, gaped at the legs exposing plenty of delightful pussy for my ever hungry view.

“Ooooh! I like these on you!” I sidled up to her, nudging the top material away with my mouth and sucking on a nipple, my fingers venturing up her short leg, as she widened her legs to let me in to stroke at her pussy, rubbing my fingers into her folds.

She giggled, pushing me away.

“Come on horses first, the rest later!” Reluctantly I moved away, cheekily sucking my fingers into my mouth tasting her.
We went out onto the yard and turned all the horses out for the day, Sophie rang her Mum and asked if it was okay to spend another night at mine. Silly woman agreed, if only she knew. Damn my guilty conscience as I pushed it to the back of my mind. 

Returning to the house, I suggested we shower, together of course! Sophie immediately skipped through the house to my bedroom, I hastily followed her and we stripped off.

My ensuite bathroom is quite large, a vanity area with double sink, a large circular bath with Jacuzzi jets and a double walk in shower with a bench built in. I turned the shower taps on to heat up the water and pulled Sophie into the shower with me. Grabbing the shampoo and turning her back to me, I lovingly shampooed her hair, massaging the lather into her scalp and rinsed her beautiful locks clean. Taking a massaging mitt and covering it in body wash, I proceeded to wash her all over, taking my time particularly over her tiny breasts, rubbing the rough mitt over her tight little peaks. I moved to kneel down behind her and washed her legs, ending with the mitt between her open legs, massaging her pussy with the slippery suds as I kissed and nibbled her perk little arse cheeks. 

She turned around to face me, as the water cascaded down her tiny body, the water catching in rivulets over her pert little tits and down to wash the soap away. Leaning forward, I kissed her belly, moving my mouth lower and kissing and sucking at her little naked v. Encouraging her to lift her left leg onto the bench, the movement exposing her pussy further, for my desperate mouth.

Closing over her pubic mound and pushing my tongue between her lips, I sought out her clit and caressed it with my tongue, her arms flailed as she grabbed for some support until her hands met the shower walls to stabilise her. My fingers lubricated from the water, explored her inner labia, coating them with her flowing juices and I sought out her tight little cunt hole. Pushing my longest finger in, only to the first knuckle, I continued to suck on her tight knot of nerves, allowing her time to accommodate my digit. 

Her moaning is audible over the noise of the shower now, as I push my finger deeper into her little cunny. Her vaginal muscles expanding to take the intrusion and then clenching at it hungrily. As I continue to massage her clit with my mouth, I slowly move my finger in and out of her tight but wet cunt as the shower rains down on us,

“Hey, is this okay for you, me fingering your gorgeous tight little cunt baby?” I furtively ask as I look up to her face.

“Oh yes, more give me more. It’s so tight and so sensitive. Ohhh!” As she grinds her little pussy against my finger knuckle deep in her innocent little chasm.

I add another finger, slowly giving her time to adjust to this fullness, then I start to stroke the tips of the buried fingers against her vaginal walls, right where I know her sensitive spot should be.

“Yeeessss!” She hisses in response. “More, do it more!” Once again grinding down on my knuckles, starting to rock in a rhythm to match my fingers pumping into her tight little cunt.

I pump faster and suck on her clit in rhythmical movement, it’s not much to send her over, she is so innocent she needs to build up to last longer, then, her orgasms will be mind-blowing, at the moment she is so new to this. I stand up to support her but leave my fingers in her cunt, enjoying the sensations as her muscles milk my fingers. Once she has got the strength back in her legs, I pull out my fingers and push them into her mouth so she can taste her beautiful self. Her tongue laps at her juices hungrily, sucking the cream clean from my fingers.

“Go out and dry yourself little one.” I usher her out of the shower and finish washing and shampooing my hair, although I am horny as hell, I have other ideas I want to show her and want to save myself.

Drying myself on a large fluffy towel, I wander into the bedroom and find Sophie sitting on the bed patiently waiting for me. I go to the wardrobe and pull out two items from my little ‘collection’. A large vibrator, smooth with a hooked end but with alterable speeds and a much smaller one identical but petite for someone’s special body. I want to use the large ribbed and pimpled one for myself but I want her to use it and the smoother one is easier to manoeuvre once inside me whereas the ribbed one my cunt tends to grasp quite tight and I don’t think her small hands will manage it.

Her eyes widen with curiosity as I turn to face her and walk towards the bed.

“Darling, these are some of my special toys for us to play with. Don’t worry I won’t stretch you with the large one, at least not today!” I wiggle my eyebrows as I smile.

“But first, I am desperate to teach you how to use this rather large dildo on me! To learn how to fuck my cunt with it and make me cum how I really like to.”

I move across to the bed and perch on the edge, open my legs wide so my knees are touching either side on the mattress. I am already wet, walking to the wardrobe to retrieve my toys, thinking about what I can do with her has had my pussy juices already flowing.

“Come kneel down here Baby, between my legs. See how wet you have made me thinking about you?” She kneels obediently, staring intently at my pussy, my juices already tracking down between my legs. She reaches forward with her hand, catching a thick bead of cream on the tip of her finger bringing it to her mouth to taste. There are some really simple things which can be so erotic and this is one of them. This young, naïve and very beautiful young girl sampling the secretions from my cunt is one of them. 

Wanting to take things forward, I reach behind me for the larger dildo, twisting the base until is pulses gently and start to rub it over my pussy and up to vibrate against my clit. Sophie continues to sit silently watching me stroke myself coating the vibrator with my juices. Taking her hand I place the base in her palm closing her hand around to grasp it.

“Now, baby. Open my lips with your other hand and with the other push this little buddy into my cunt hole and gently ease it all the way in.” I instruct her.

Doing as I ask, she pushes the vibrating wand, into my accommodating vagina, her eyes like saucers as she pushes it deeper and deeper into me until it is buried to the hilt. I sigh deeply with contentment as my pussy is stretched and hugging the gentle pulsing member.

“Hey, doesn’t it hurt, stretching you like that?” She is so much in awe, her voice is barely audible.

“Oh no honey, it is wonderful! Yours will stretch like that but we need to take it slow with you.” I reassure her. “Now, twist the base halfway round.” Again her eyes huge and round as she feels the dildo vibrating harder in her hand. 

“Now, I want you to start rotating your wrist in a screwing type action and at the same time pushing the vibrator in and out…….. Oh that’s it baby, a bit firmer, more twist…… now deeper in and out. Ooooh that’s it!”

She took to this easily, I propped myself up on my elbows, watching my young protégé, fucking my hungry pussy with one of my dildos, such a wonderful sight. 

“Now…. Turn the base all the way round until you can’t twist any further. Ohhhhh yeeesssss baby. Now twist and pump faster and harder……that’s it, fuck my cunt honey, fuck it, fuck it!” Without needing to instruct her further she continued to fuck me with the plastic toy but then astounded me by closing her mouth over my clit, drawing it hard into her sucking lips.

I nearly shot off the bed with the sensations, as she fucked me and drew my sensitive nub firmly into her mouth.

“Oh baby, my clever girl! Fuck me……keep pumping that toy in my cunt…….don’t stop………keep going………like that…….harder……fuck it…….suck it……..oh………oh…yeeessss!” I climaxed going over that hill like a freight train, my vagina clamping and sucking on the dildo as my juices pushed past coating her hand.

She eased off of my clit and gently withdrew the vibrator from me, turning it off but bringing it to her mouth to lick my cum from it before laying it on my discarded towel. Then she returned to my pussy, sticking her tongue in my now gaping cunt, drawing the cum into her mouth like a hungry animal. I lay boneless, only capable of watching her as she licked me clean.

Once I had recovered, I sat up and pulled her to standing, kissing her midriff, moving my tongue to her small breasts, smothering the tightening buds with my tongue and grating my teeth over them.

“Come lay down on the bed Baby, it’s my turn to show you what these things can do!”

She scooted up the bed laying in the middle on her back. Grabbing the small dildo, I slid up the bed, sitting by her side and pushed her knees up to her chest and opening her legs so her knees were almost flat on the best, stretching her pussy wide open, her pink gash laid bare for me. She was soaked, she had obviously become so turned on fucking me, her pink lips were covered in her creamy juice. 

Not wanting to pass up on an opportunity to show her how much I enjoyed tasting her as much as she did me, I leant in and lapped as her beautiful natural lubricant. Tonguing her cunt, sucking her inner lips into my mouth sliding up and down the folds, flicking my tongue over her swollen, protruding clit, savouring that delicate muskiness I was becoming addicted to. Her small hand moved to clutch the back of my head and push my mouth harder against her as she rocked her pelvis into me, moaning and mumbling my name.

I reached for the slim dildo and twisted it to vibrate gently and held the point against her clit. Her hips bucked at the sensation when the cool plastic vibrating tip met her engorged sensitive nerve. I continued to rub it against her as I watched her pussy secrete more cream out of her cunt hole. I have never seen a girl be so generous at producing pussy juice. It is an obsession I cannot deny, so many lesbian porn flicks turn me off, although beautiful pussies these actresses are so obviously not into it, otherwise their juices would be flowing, there is no better site than watching a string of cream leaving a girl’s pussy as her partner pulls her tongue away. To me it is the sole proof that someone is actually into it and if you don’t enjoy that taste you definitely ain’t into it honey!

She moans softly gyrating her hips, rubbing the vibrating point against her clit. I move the dildo down her slit, twisting and turning it to coat the end in her juices before I splay open her cunt entrance and push the rounded tip into her entrance. Slowly I insert the whole vibrator inside, it slides in surprisingly easy and I twist the base to increase the speed and throb, Sophie is now panting and gripping the sheets tightly in her little clenched fists, her moaning louder.

As I pump the little wand inside her, she tilts her pelvis to meet my thrusts, 

“Oh yes, push it in, pleeease…….more…….I want more!” she pleads with me.

“Baby! You greedy thing, this is into the hilt and still you want more?!” I am so surprised by her demands.

“Please…..I want yours inside me, I want to feel what it’s like, to feel full…..please Aunty!” She is now so desperate, she is almost wailing.

I am extremely unsure, my dildo has a fair girth on it and a decent length, I doubt her petite body can take it, especially being a virgin in that respect. I figured I would need time to stretch her to accommodate such a thing. Then again surely she will tell me if it’s too much, I reach for my discarded toy on the towel and coat it in my spit.

Removing the small vibrator, copious more fluid seeps from her hole and trickles down between her bottom cheeks. I stretch her lips wide, I can see into her vagina, the muscles clenching against nothing, making more juices, pushing them outward and I insert the gently buzzing head into her void. I slide it in about an inch and a half, holding it still to give her time to accommodate its thickness. Her hips tilt and she pushes herself against it.

“Steady baby, I don’t want you to rip yourself, give that darling little cunt time to get used to it, be patient.” I tried to slow her down, I was transfixed by the skin at the entrance to her opening, gripping and flexing against the fake cock.

I push it in further, she is panting now, slowly inch by inch, her delicious little cunt accepts the massive intrusion until it is buried to the hilt. I sit by her side, vibrator in one hand, my other hand splayed over her pubic mound holding her steady, I imagine I can feel this thick dildo under her skin buried deep in her tiny hole. I increase the vibrations a little and pull it out a little before pushing it back inside her.

“Is that okay Baby! You feeling sore at all? It’s a big thing to take this inside you.”

“Ahhhh…….yes……..just tight…….soo deep inside me…….I feel so full!” She gasps between pants.

I start to pump the dildo in and out, slow and shallow movements to start. I lean forward and drop a lump of spit from my mouth, watching it land on her exposed clit and massage it onto the button with my thumb. As the circular motion of massaging the bundle of nerves increases, so does the pumping of my hand controlling that large plastic pulsing dick. Her cunt continues to push cream out around the sides of the plastic and allows the vibrator to slide without friction.

Soon I am fucking her cunt hard, corkscrewing and pistoning the vibrator in and out fast, her juices squelching against the pressure. She is panting so fast now, moaning incoherently as her body starts to tighten as her orgasm builds.

“That’s it Baby, take it all, take that big back cock in your tiny cunt, your lips are so stretched, your tits so tight, pull on them, twist those little pebbles between your fingers whilst I fuck you!” I am so lost in the moment, I could not stop if I tried. My own pussy throbs, my nipples tight and aching as I watch my little protégé come undone from my ministrations.

She starts to cry out in a long wail.

“Faster……..unghhhh, unghhhhh, unghhhh…” She bucks into the rampaging dildo driving against it.

“Yeeessss……don’t stop…….I’m there……. Ayyeeee…….I’m cumming Aunty………..oh God!” And over she went, her tummy muscles visibly clenching as she came, bucking and spasming as her body succumbed to her climax.

I immediately removed my thumb from her clit, knowing it would be far too sensitive for her to cope, slowing the pumping of the dildo to a gentle rhythm as the sensations subsided. I was struggling to hold the vibrator as her cum pushed out all over my hand, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I let go and her body pushed it out followed by a river of delicious cum. I so wanted to lick it up but her body would be so strung up from such a climax, it would be almost cruel.

I pulled her limp body against me, cradling her head against my breasts, stroking her body, allowing her to come down from her sexual high. Crooning to her in soft moans, reassuring her that all was okay, as her breathing subsided. Sophie adjusted her position to get closer to me, her legs astride one of my thighs as she hugged me into my neck.

“Oh Aunty, that was soooo good!” She clutched her arms around my neck nuzzling into me.

“Come here baby girl! You are such a turn on.” I turned my face towards her, searching to kiss her. She met my lips instantly, kissing me with such passion, delving into my mouth with her tongue mashing against mine. We kissed and kissed, my hands stroking down her back, rolling her buttocks in my hands, pushing her very wet pussy to slide against my thigh.

Soon she was reciprocating and rubbing herself against me, sliding back and forth against my skin. Her kisses became hungrier, her heart rate speeding up, her hands moved to my chest to seek my nipples, twisting them in her fingers. I was panting too, remaining unsatisfied from watching her come undone, my body aching for attention.

I laid back on the bed, keeping her upright, twisting my body until my pussy came into contact with hers, she sat across me at an angle, one leg kneeling between mine, her other out to one side. I bent one knee and tilted my pelvis towards her.

“Rub on me Baby. Rub that darling pussy against mine. That’s it…..” I grasped her hips, rubbing her backwards and forwards over my exposed clit, her chafing against mine. She soon got the hang of it, grasping my bent knee pulling herself onto me.

Our hungry pussys rubbed against one another, clit to clit, massaging each other, slurping and squelching as we slipped against each others’ juices. Sophie bucked and drove herself into me, her pelvis mashing down to increase the friction.

Laying looking up at her, riding and fucking my clit was the sexiest sight ever, I was pulling and stretching my nipples, revelling in the pleasure and pain as I rocketed towards climax. Our bodies frenzied, twisting to satisfy each other, faster and faster as our bodies tightened in anticipation of the explosion.

“Ungh….ungh……ungh……ungh….!” Sophie grunted as she drove her clit into mine, pushing for her body to cum.

“Fuck that clit, baby. Fuck…fuck….fuck…..nearly……yes, yes…..!” I was panting as my clit finally reached its goal and my body exploded in a raft of spasms and tingles. Sophie came too, her cunt squirting that delicious nectar of fluid all over my pussy, dribbling down and soaking the quilt.

We slowed our clits rubbing together, moving gently whilst our racing hearts calmed, relishing in the euphoria as we came down. I pulled Sophie down onto me, kissing her all over her face and head, lavishing her with praise and affection.

We both drifted off to sleep, soaked in our own and each other’s juices and sweat, both satisfied beyond words.

How on earth was I going to keep this delightful girl to myself????

Lesbian sexstory

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