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Hardcore: Jill, a College Girl

Inskickad av: Kenny

She was angled back in the passenger seat; legs stretched, heels on the dash, purple tinted toe nails reflecting the high sun. 

“Don’t make marks with your sandals on the dashboard.” I cautioned her. 

“I’m horny,” she said, “I need to get laid.” 

Her statement caught me off guard, “Why you telling me?” 

My sister looked at me and replied “Because you are the only one I can talk to right now, it’s not like my boyfriend is here with us.” 

We were headed west to our college which started in a few days. I was returning for the final year and my younger sister Jill was just starting her first year of college. Our parents asked Jill if she would ride with me to school so they could take the first vacation they’d ever taken alone. They gave me dad’s truck which they would pick up on the way back from vacation. Our college was the last stop on their trip. Jill and I would be on the road for two days. We had reservations for motel rooms in a town for the one night we would be traveling. 

We hadn’t even reached the town where we were supposed to stay and already the black haired bitch was complaining about something. I wondered briefly just how long these days were going to be. "Wait until we get to the rooms, then you can fix yourself up. You can dream of your boyfriend and fuck your hand.” I told her. 

“I can fuck my hand right now; I don’t need to wait for a bed” she fired back. She slid her butt forward on the seat slightly, spread her knees and put a hand on the crotch of her jeans and rubbed her pussy. “See, I could do this all day but it’s not going to help me. My hand doesn’t feel as good as a boys.” 

“You gotta make do with whatever you have; I’m not going to pick up any hitchhiker to plug your hole while I drive.” 

Jill pulled her hand from between her legs, dropped her feet to the floor and looked out the window. “Screw you asshole.” 

“Screw yourself bitch, if I did you, you’d sure as hell stop complaining.” She flipped me the finger while staring out the window. 

I drove further thinking about our verbal sparring. My sister and I had been swearing at and insulting each other ever since she could talk. I spent most of my life trying to figure out why my parents decided they needed two kids.  I suppose if she wasn’t my sister I’d like her more, but she was so I had to put up with her. 

We stopped for lunch at a Burger King take out window, we didn’t want to go inside to eat; we would find a place along the way. We were driving through mountains and wanted to stop at some roadside rest stop to eat and enjoy the view. We got our order then took off up the highway. Jill had her coke in her hand when a skunk ran across the road in front of me. I hit the brakes hard to keep from hitting it but Jill couldn’t hold on to her drink. The lid popped off and about half the coke and ice spilled into her lap. 

“Motherfucker! Where in hell did you learn to drive! Damn it to hell, you spilled my drink all over me you dumb cunt licker!” 

“Kiss my shit covered ass; you’re the one that can’t hold it.” I pulled the truck to the side of the road. Jill got out and tried to brush the ice and liquid off her pants but they were drenched. I could only smirk, thinking of how cold that iced drink would feel. 

She was standing beside the truck with the door open. Jill looked up at me and asked “Would you get me something to change into from my bag please ?” 

She said ‘please’ so I went to the back and rummaged around in her suitcase looking for another pair of pants for her. As I was pushing bras and panties around I heard her say, “Just get me anything right now” so I grabbed a white denim skirt off the top of the pile and tossed it to her. She unhooked her jeans, stripped them off then put on the skirt. For a moment she was only in shirt and panties standing beside the truck. I was staring at her legs and butt while she had her back to me. I’d never seen her in just panties before and she looked pretty good. Nice shapely legs and firm ass cheeks that rounded up from her thighs. Her butt was only partially covered by pink material so light and thin I could see the crack of her ass through them.

 My sister finished putting on the skirt then around to me. “Were you watching me?” 

“Not really, but you sure have nice legs and ass.” 

“You disgusting pervert, I’m your sister, you shouldn’t care what my ass looks like.” I could tell from the tone of her voice she was still pissed about the spilled drink. 

“Maybe, but it’s still nice.  I bet your boyfriend likes banging you.” 

The pants got tossed behind the seat of the truck then she reached under her skirt and pulled off the soaked panties, tossed them into the weeds beside the road then climbed back into the truck. “He likes banging me because I’m a good lay.  And it’s not just my ass he likes; he says I have a really sweet pussy.” 

Jill had a driver’s license and dad told me I could let her drive so I asked her if she wanted too; I figured if I let her she would quit being mad. She lit up as if I had given her a birthday present, “You’re going to let me drive?” 

“Yeah, for a while.” 

Jill scootched over to the driver’s side and I got in on the passenger side. It was still over 90 miles to the overnight stop, she could drive it all. 

Once we were on the road again I twisted around a little and put my back against the door. I was facing her, watching as she drove. Her skirt wasn’t very long so her legs were bare from mid-thigh to her sandals. As she drove, her skirt inched higher up her legs revealing a lot more silky smooth skin. 

“How tall are you?” I wanted to know.

She glanced sideways at me, five-nine, why?” 

“Cause you’re showing a lot of leg right now, I was just wondering.”

Jill looked at her legs, pinched the side of the skirt between two fingers and pulled it a little higher on her thighs. “That’s all you get, if I pull it up any more I won’t have any secrets.” Obviously she wasn't mad any more.

As I appreciated the enhanced view of her legs I asked “What did you mean when you said your boyfriend says you have a sweet pussy?” 

“What do you think I mean? He likes to put his mouth between my legs and kiss me there. He gets me so hot when he does that. When I feel his tongue licking me it makes me want to do anything he says.” 

“You ever suck his cock?” 

“Yeah, sucked him dry a few times.” 

“How long have you been dating him?” 

“Over a year.” 

“You know you’re not going to see him much anymore. It’s a long way from home to the school.”

Jill shot me a quick smile and replied “Then it’s a good thing I don’t love him, I’ll just have to find someone else to keep me happy. Maybe more than one.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard; just keep a six pack of beer handy, most guys will fuck anything if they get drunk.”

My sister shot an arm across the space between us and backhanded my chest “Is that the only way you can get laid? A charity fuck from some drunk slut?”

“My entire body is a charity; my dick should be a tax deduction. Is Joe the first guy you fucked?” 

“No, the first guy was Ellen’s brother, I was fourteen.” Ellen was Jill’s best friend. 

The conversation with my sister was getting very sexual. I was watching her bare legs, knowing that she had no panties on and as I listened to her talk my cock began to get hard. I was getting turned on; she was turning me on. “Brad? Isn’t he like my age or something?” 

Jill turned to look at me, smiled slyly and said, “What are you? Twenty-two? I think he is a year older.” 

“Christ, that was illegal, you were way too young for him.” 

Jill smiled “I didn’t care, he got me hot. We screwed until he left home.”

“You think Ellen would go to bed with me?” It’s only fair, her brother for you, her for me.” 

“I don’t know, you should ask her, not me.” 

I leaned toward my sister and said “Now I’m getting horny.” 

“Right now?” 

“Yeah, thinking of some guy’s cock pushing into you is working on me, now I want to shove my own cock into a girl, Ellen maybe.” 

Jill glanced at me, then down to my lap. “Ellen isn’t here.” Her voice dropped to the level of good gossip, “Show me, I want to see if you are really turned on or just lying.” She took a hand from the wheel and put it on my leg, “Let me feel it.” 

I slid closer to her, picked her hand off my leg and put it over the bulge of my erection. She pressed down on me then rubbed it lightly “You aren’t lying; is that because of Ellen?” 

I quoted her own words “Ellen isn’t here.” A small smile teased her lips as she pressed harder on my stiffening prick. 

Her touch send shivers through my body and my cock began to leak making a large wet spot in my shorts. My heart started pounding and I felt myself getting warmer. Not only did she not take her hand off me, she began to stroke a finger tip along my swelling. I inched closer to her and put my left hand on her shoulder and my right on her thigh, just where the skirt stopped. She didn’t protest so I eased up under the skirt until I felt her pubic hair tickling my finger then squeezed her leg. Jill moved her left leg slightly which gave me room to slip a finger into the junction of her thighs. I felt the lips of her pussy with the tip of my finger, she was hot and wet. I pushed further between her legs along the contour of her cunt. The tip of my finger found the fold of skin that covered her clit which I pressed. Jill shuttered; her legs quivered gently as I caressed her button. 

My heart was rattling loose in my chest; I could hear it pounding in my ears, it was getting hard to breathe. My mouth was just inches from her ear when I managed to croak through my dry throat “Does your boyfriend do this for you?” 

“He does more than that,” she breathed softly, “he sticks his fingers into me.” 

I took that as an invitation and pushed my middle finger into her to the second knuckle and started finger fucking Jill as she drove the truck. It didn’t take long before she lost concentration on driving and started to slow down. I pulled my hand away but she still had hers on my pants. She was rubbing my erection harder as she drove slowly; it was beginning to hurt from force of the blood surging through it. We saw a small dirt road headed into the bushes on the left side of the road. She turned onto the hunter’s path and pulled ahead until we were a hundred feet off the highway. 

As soon as the truck quit moving she shut it off then turned to me. She went for my pants and had me unbuttoned and unzipped before I could ask her why we stopped. She grabbed the waist of my jeans while I lifted my butt and together we pulled them down to my ankles. Jill threw herself over my lap, got to her knees and centered her body over my erection which was standing tall. I held it still while she hiked her skirt higher then moved her pussy around until the head of my prick slipped between her soft hot lips and into her. I thrust up into my overheated sister while she lowered herself on my shaft. 

She was fucking me hard, her cunt was hot and swollen, flowing with juices. Her body was taking the full length of me and she keened softly as I hammered into her. My balls were getting heavy, the head of my cock was swelling, getting ready to blow its burden of cum when Jill threw her head back and groaned out loud and started to vibrate on my lap. She clutched me close and slammed her body against me as the orgasm beat her from the inside out. All of a sudden she stopped moving, resting with her head on my shoulder, my cock started spewing its lust into her as she sat quietly on me. 

We sat like that for a moment, catching our breath. I was stunned at how fast this had all happened. Jill and I had never even talked about sex before but now it had only been 20 minutes since she spilled the drink and we had just screwed each other to good strong climaxes. Jill lifted her head and smiled down at me, “I told you I was horny.” 

She lifted off me and rolled back to the driver’s side of the seat. My cock was lying across my leg still mostly hard. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked me while saying “That felt good.” 

“Are you going to let me see all of your body or is this the end of the story?” 

She started the truck and while backing out of the trail she replied “I’m not getting naked here, wait until we get our rooms where we can do this right.” 

“Do what right?” I teased. 

She stopped the truck again and looked at me with large brown eyes. “Everything.” 

I pulled my pants up and sat back and watched Jill drive. 

My little sister is just 19 and now a college freshman. She’s 5’9” and weighs about 130, with a nice set of tits that look more than hand sized. I’d never touched them, or even seen them outside of a bra or swimsuit but now I was concentrating on them. I reached over and cupped the closest one in the palm of my hand and started squeezing it lightly. I pressed on the nipple which grew in appreciation of the soft feel. Jill smiled at the windshield and said “It feels a lot better when I don’t have a bra on.” 

I moved my hand under her shirt, pushed the bra up and off her breast and held it again, this time I could feel her velvet smooth skin and how the tip turned solid under my touch. I noticed that she was driving a little faster. 

We spent the rest of the drive talking about sex. She wanted to know how and when I first got laid and then she told me about her own sex life which had started five years earlier. I’d known she wasn’t virgin but I didn’t realize she had done as much as she was telling me. 

An hour later we pulled into the motel where our parents had reserved two rooms for us. We were still a four hour drive from our school so they thought it would be safer if we stopped for the night. 

“We are going to take only one room, right?” I asked her. 

“No, we only need one but we have to take both. How would we explain a refund for one?” 

All the talk and foreplay in the truck was causing my body to throb “You know I’m going to fuck you again in there.” 

She looked up at me and said “You’re going to do more than just fuck me, we’re going to get totally perverted. Go get a key.” I went to get the keys to both rooms. 

She dragged her bag into a room while I settled in the one next to hers. It was one of those places that has an adjoining door, one that locks from both sides. As soon as I saw it I started knocking on it until Jill unlocked it from her side. When she opened the door into my room I held my arms open to her. She walked to me put her arms around my neck, pushed her tits against my chest and held her body against mine. I ran my hands down her back, under her skirt to her ass then pulled her tight against my smoldering erection. She rocked her hips which moved her crotch against me, leaned her head back and asked “Would it be okay if we kissed?” 

Our first kiss was very tentative. I brushed my lips across her mouth to her cheek then to her neck. I bit her just under the ear which got a breath of hot air in my own ear. She twisted her face and put her lips back on mine and kissed me. Her arms were still around my neck so she pulled me into the kiss. Her lips were soft, wet and warm. I began to kiss her back and within seconds the tip of my tongue was dancing with hers. 

By now my cock was a weapon and I made sure she felt it on her belly. Jill let go and pushed me back to arms length and looked at the lump at the front of my pants. “Let’s get naked.” 

She pulled off the skirt, then the shirt. Her bra was still holding only one breast but that one quickly came free when she let the bra drop to the floor. As soon as she was nude she scrambled to the Queen sized bed and stood in the middle of it, bouncing slightly, waiting for me to undress. I stared at her. She was breathtaking. I wondered briefly why I’d never looked at her as a sex object before, “Fuck and damn you look good. You have an awesome body.” I was mesmerized, my cock throbbed with yearning. 

Jill looked down at me and said “I know what you look like naked. I spied on you a few times when you didn’t know I was around, but I never saw your prick close up.” 

I pulled my clothes off while my sister watched. “You’ve seen me naked?” 

“Uh huh, I watched when you fucked Susan in your room. You should have closed the door. I got really hot watching you stick your dick into her and when she gave you the blow job I had to go to my room to get off. When Susan left I almost attacked you myself. That was a year ago. I knew then I wanted to do this with you.” 

“You planned this? You knew before two hours ago you wanted sex with me?” 

Jill’s eyes crinkled with a grin, “I almost told dad we wouldn’t need the second room. I was waiting until we got here. What we did in the truck just happened, but I’m glad it did.” 

When I was done stripping I climbed onto the bed and stood in front of her, the barrel of my weapon was pointed directly at the tender young victim standing in front of me. I was fully charged with fresh ammunition and ready to assault her pussy. “You’re my sister bitch, what makes you think I would want you?” I asked. 

Jill looked down between us and wrapped both hands around my hard-on and began to stroke it. Her smile got bigger as she pushed and pulled on my erection. “Look at me” she answered, “how can you not want this? You have a cock and balls just like every other guy, and I’m betting you don’t care what hot pussy you fuck.” I put my hands on her waist and held her while she rubbed a thumb across the swollen purple head, smearing the fluid that was leaking from the end. She looked up at me “Yours is bigger than the others I've had, I hope you have the stamina to use it.” 

I couldn’t stand any more. I hugged her close and collapsed onto the bed, pulling her with me. As soon as we were down I rolled over her and rammed my prick into her. She was hot and open and my cock slid into her until my nuts jammed against her ass. Jill put her legs around my waist her hands on my face and kissed me hard and deep. I started fucking her. 

Jill took everything I put to her with a wild sexual energy. She was digging gouges in my back; her legs wrapped tight around my body, slamming hers against mine. She had turned into a mindless, instinctive creature, focused only on the cock drilling deep into her. I watched her tossing and heaving under me and marveled at what we were doing. I’d always thought my sister was hot, but I never even dreamed we would come to this. 

I put my arms around her and rolled over to my back, taking her with me. Now she was over me and had more freedom to move like she wanted. Jill began whipping her hips back and forth, stroking my hard-on with her cunt as I rubbed the nipples on her tits. She was overheating, a fine sheen of sweat reflected light off her face, her hair sticking close to her head. 

Then everything stopped. She quit moving, looked down at me with huge brown eyes and started to shake. She held her breath the let it out in a slow, soft wail as her body rocked with the force of her climax. I felt her pussy flooding with hot cum juice as she leaned down and bit me on the shoulder. 

Jill rested on me for a few moments then pushed up and slid down until my erection was rubbing on her cheek. She formed an ‘O’ with her lips and sucked me into her mouth. I put my hands on her head and pumped my cock over her tongue and teeth. She was working her tongue on me while I fucked her face. She put a hand under my nuts and held them then wrapped the fingers of the other around base of my shaft. She pulled back from my pounding cock long enough to say “I want to taste you.” I pushed her head back to my cock until I could feel her start to gag, she squeezed the toy in her mouth and I began to empty my balls down her throat. 

“Taste this you sucking little cannibal.” I whispered as my jizz washed over her tonsils. 

We cleaned up and went to dinner. While we were out of the room no one would have been able to tell that we had just committed incest. She was on her phone with Ellen complaining about everything in general and I tried my best to ignore her. Our parents interrupted her call and asked about the trip. Jill told them I was an idiot for making her spill her drink then gave me the phone. I told dad that the truck was making a strange noise somewhere underneath and I was going to the dealer it have it checked in the morning. He said “Okay”. 

When we off the phone Jill asked me what was wrong with the truck. “Nothing” I answered. 

“Then why are you taking it in?” 

“I’ll tell them it’s making a thumping noise somewhere underneath. It will take them all day to figure out there is nothing wrong. By that time it will be too late to drive so we’ll get to spend another night here.” 

“We haven’t even stayed the first night and you are already thinking about tomorrow?” 

“I’m thinking about both.” 

Jill looked around to make sure nobody was within earshot, “I’m getting wet again, let’s go back to the room.” 

The third time we had sex we took the time to check out each other carefully. Jill and I undressed each other then began a close and very intimate inspection and exploration of the other’s body while we showered. We were still wet when she lay on the bed and let me touch, feel, kiss and caress her anywhere I wanted to. I took 30 minutes to examine her closely, the entire time getting her hotter and hornier. When it came my turn to lie still, she touched, sucked and licked almost every inch of my body, then stroked my cock and balls to the point where I was about to blow up. 

When the sexual excitement became too much, I turned her around on the bed so her butt was on the edge. She lifted her legs, heels dug into the mattress, knees wide apart. I stepped between her thighs and put the end of my cock between the lips of her cunt then watched it disappear into her. Jill put her legs around my waist, locked her ankles together and pulled me deeper. I had fucked her twice in the last four hours so my balls weren’t in a rush to unload. We tossed, rolled and fucked all over that bed in every position I ever tried with a girl. Every few minutes one of us would pause and tell the other what we wanted to do and then we would start screwing again. 

I was taking her from behind when she came the first time. She had been getting hotter and wilder as I hammered her cunt. All of a sudden she reached the top and went off with a loud gush of breath, “Oh Hell, you son-of-a-bitch, this feels good!!!” Her body started quaking against me as she moaned loudly into a pillow. 

She was quiet and still, taking deep ragged breaths so I started to pull out of her. She threw a hand over my ass, rubbed her butt on my body and said, “Stay with me, finish me.” 

I pulled out and took the pillow from her arms and put it on the bed next to her hips then pushed her flat to her stomach over it. Her ass was sticking in the air, a willing target for the aching monster crying tears for the chance to get back into her. I moved up between her legs until just the end of my cock was tickling her cunt then rammed into her as hard and fast as I could. From that point on I bulled my sister’s body. She came alive under me again, humping her ass, keeping with the rhythm of getting laid. My body started to shake as my balls began to do their work in the girl. I was driving hard and fast into Jill, filling her with cum when she exploded with her second orgasm. It sounded like she was crying and laughing at the same time, she was heaving so hard that I couldn’t stay with her. She jerked away from me and I finished by spraying her back and ass with her reward. 

We ended up sleeping naked and satisfied until 9 the next morning. When I woke up I looked at my new playmate. She was lying on her stomach one arm under the pillow she had her head on, legs spread, still asleep. Her nakedness and the fresh memory of her tight young cunt set fire to my balls and my prick stiffened hard and straight again. I got between her legs, put the head of my hard-on between the lips of her pussy and slipped into her while she slept. 

I stroked in and out of her body slowly, enjoying the feel of sex with my sister. I don’t know when she woke up but she didn’t move, she just lay there and let me screw her until I climaxed. When I pulled out, she rolled over, kissed me passionately and said “Take the truck to the dealer, I’ll be waiting right here.” 

When I got back Jill had showered and dressed so we went for breakfast then spent some time sightseeing, enjoying the company of the other. It was late afternoon when we returned to the motel, she entered before me then turned and put her arms around my neck. She put the tip of her nose just under my ear and whispered “You’ve fucked my pussy and my mouth, there’s one more way to get into me.”

Before I closed the door I put the little sign on the knob that says 'Do not disturb'.

Hardcore sexstory

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