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Lesbian: Erotic Night

Inskickad av: Leo

I was in my office right now, checking the files that my boss gave me. She strictly told me that if I didn't finish the files by 7pm she won't let me go. Pathetic right? So, there I was doing my work, so that I can go home and sleep on my comfy bed. God I can't wait for this. I'm 20 years old and got a job in Black's Corporation. My family badly needs money, so I have to left my study in the middle. It's really hard to find a job in a city like New York but, thankfully I got one. I don't really know how I got this, my boss seemed to impressed by my ability. But still, she is a rude and arrogant woman. Always behaving rude with her employees. I mean come on, we work for her, at least have some respect! Anyways, I finished my work after 1hour and sighed in relief. I'm happy I finished now I can go home quickly. I rushed over to my boss's office and knocked on the door. I stand there waiting for her response. "Come in." She shout from inside. I quickly opened the door and saw her sitting on her chair with her eyes on the laptop. "'am I'm done with the work." I said. She looked at me with her glasses. I have to admit she is a gorgeous woman with brown hair and blue eyes, and I must say she is the tallest woman I have ever seen. I'm 5'3 only and she's almost 6'0. I look like a dwarf in front of her. "Wait for me outside I will meet you there." She blankly said. My jaw dropped to the floor. Is she for real? "'am can't I go home?" I asked shakily. I was afraid she would go mad. "I'll take you home with me today, there are few files which have to be done." I wanted to snap at her. Why is she doing this? I just nod my head and head out of the room. I just wanted to go home and rest and now here I am waiting for her. After 10 minutes she came and motioned me to sit on her car. The drive was silent. The strange thing was that whenever she is talking to me, she would either place her hand on my thigh or my shoulder. It felt really strange. We reached her house and entered into her room. It was beautifully decorated and clean. I sat on her bed with her as she started to gather some files. I started to check on them. I can feel her staring at me that made me uncomfortable. I wish this would over soon. Almost 20 minutes has passed I was at her house,suddenly I felt her sitting next to me which was okay to me until she started to caress my back. "You look really tired honey." She whispered. What happened to her? " I'm fine...really." I smiled at her. She continue to caress my back until she started to touch my ass. I shift uncomfortably. "Ma'am I-I think I should go home, my mom's probably worry.""Don't worry my manager has informed her." I looked at her in surprise. Why is she behaving so nicely? Maybe she's concerned...maybe."You're really a beautiful girl Eve, so beautiful." She whispered coming close to me and inhaled my smell and felt her placing soft kisses on my shoulder. My breathe stuck in my throat. This is not right. I tried to push her but she tighten her grip and hold me still. "Wh-what you are doing?" "Sshh baby girl I have wait for this monent for a long time." She said seductively and kissed me furiously. My eyes were wide and I tried to push her to break the kiss. She hold my hand and pinned them behind me. I gasped in pain and she took it as a chance and slipped her tongue. Her kiss was doing strange things to me. A moan escaped from my mouth. She pulled back, we both were breathing heavily. I looked down, I just couldn't met my eyes with her. "You are so beautiful." She said and picked me up. I hold onto her shoulder. Am I so light? 
She placed me on the bed and get on top of me. I stare at her lustful eyes. "I-I have to go ma'am pl-please." I know this is wrong and I just wanna leave. She clenched her teeth, I gulped in fear. What is wrong with her now?
"You are not leaving do you get that?" She yelled and smashed her lips with mine. I winced at the force. Her hands freely roam around my body and squeezed my boobs. I gasped in shock. I squirm under her grip trying to get free. She pinned my hands above my head and starts to grind her hips. I was feeling hot in my core. She moaned as she grinned harder. I was trying not to moan but, unfortunately it slipped out of my mouth. With her free hand she ripped my blouse. I screamed that time, that was going too fast. She slapped her hand on my mouth shutting me off. "Don't you dare make any sound." She warned. Fear took over me and I nodded my head submissively. She tore the rest of my dress, her lustful eyes hungrily roam around my body. I closed my eyes in shame. I don't want this. She kissed my cleavage and tore my bra. Her hands did it's jon on my boobs slowly caressing and pinching my nipples. I moaned in both pleasure and pain. Her mouth connect with my right boob and I moaned loudly. "Uhhmm." She smirked and licked and sucked my boob. Her other hand reached between my thighs and rubbed my core from my panty. I screamed in pleasure. She kept on rubbing roughly. She stopped and strip me out of my skirt. My cheeks were flushed. Although it was wrong but it felt so right that time. She kissed my thighs and rubbed my core. I gripped the sheets tightly. She get down and kissed my pussy. She kept on sucking and nibbling my clit as I felt breathless. My moans were getting louder. She suddenly stopped and pushed her fingers on me. Pain rushed in my body, I whimpered at the force but soon the pain was replaced with pleasure. "Ahhh ma'am faster." I screamed. She smirked at me and increased her speed. She was pumping in and out her finger in my pussy. My hips were grinding slightly along her fingers. Her stroking got faster and faster, I felt myself ready to cum. "I-I'm cumming." "Cum for me baby girl." She whispered in my ear as I reached mh climax with her last stroke. "Aahhh." I screamed loudly. My cum were all over her finger, she licked it all of them. I blushed hard.I thought she was done but boy how wrong I was. She get down and placed both of my legs on her shoulder and started to lick me out. I moaned again. Her hot breathe were making me crazy. I arched my back in pleasure as she continued her violence. My hands unknowingly gripped the bed sheets tightly. Her tongue did it's work on my throbbing core. "Pl-please I-I can't." I whispered closing my eyes. The pleasure was too much to handle. Her eyes met mine as she raised her head. Her eyes held lust that gave me shivers. "No princess, I know you want it too." With that she licked the soft spot of my core  made me moan as I reached my climax. My breathing were heavy and my eyes still closed until I felt her get on top of me and whispered something in my ears. "You're mine for the night."

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