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Cuckold: Fashion Show

Inskickad av: Sexman

And her standing in front of the open walk-in closet looking dejectedly at her hanging clothes. “What do you want?” I asked.

“I'm going out with Richard tonight, we are going to the Montha, you've been there, that new place on 17th. street. I need to wear something sexy but I don’t know what.” 

“You have a closet full of sexy clothes, I’ve seen you wearing all kinds of hot stuff. So what do you want?” I repeated. 

She looked up at me “Help me, I can't decide what looks good. You've been there, what do the girls wear?” 

I stepped back from my sister-in-law-in-law and looked her up and down. She stands about 5'6, comes in around 115 pounds, much of that in her tits and butt. She's got a pretty face when she isn't being a bitch, her sandy blonde hair falls in easy curls to the middle of her back. She was wearing Daisy Mae denim shorts and a white halter tied at the waist so her midriff and crystal belly button pin were showing. It looked like she'd forgotten to put on a bra that morning. “Wear what you have on, that's pretty fucking hot.” 

“No, I want to give Richard a chance to play with me while we are at the table, he can't get his fingers under the shorts.” 

“You want him to finger you at the club?”

Sabina nodded and flushed lightly, “Yeah, it gets me hot for later when we fuck. If I don’t get the foreplay I don't get off much. If I get felt up in a public place I get so damned turned on and we really have a good time when we get to it.” 

“Crap girl, I wish my girlfriend would do that, the only thing she does in public is shop.”

Sabina grinned naughtily, “The best part of shopping is sneaking into a changing booth with some guy.” 

Her revelation about what gets her hot had an immediate affect on my nuts. sister-in-law or not, I imagined how much fun it would be to finger fuck her in a restaurant or someplace like that. “Okay, so you're a public slut, what am I doing here?”

She ignored my crude insult,“You have to tell me what I should wear tonight, I'll try on some stuff and you be the judge. Remember, it has to be sexy enough to get Richard on his knees later, I want him to eat an entire dessert between my legs tonight. I'm getting horny just thinking about it.” 

I sat on the edge of her bed then relaxed back on a pillow. Sabina pawed through several articles of wear and pulled five off the hangers then tossed them to the bed. All together the five dresses could have been made up of a square yard of material. Skimpy was the best word I could think of or any of them. I was expecting her to hold the dresses up against her cute body and ask my opinion but once she had her selection she said “Okay, I'll try these on.” She glanced at her adjoining bathroom for a couple of moments and I was thinking she would go in to change. After a short hesitation my sister-in-law surprised the holy shit out of me by dropping her shorts and pulling off her shirt. In seconds she was standing unabashedly in front of me wearing just a daring red lace thong. While I stared at her firm standing tits with large pale brown aureole and nipples my prick began to morph. 

As Sabina picked up a dress from the bed she glanced at me, she saw where I was staring, looked down on her own tits and asked calmly, “Like them?”

“Christ girl, you should have warned me, I would have worn a steel jock strap to keep me in place.”

She snickered, “You're supposed to react to the clothes, not my tits.” 

“Yeah? Well cover them up with clothes so I can drool over you that way.” Sabina stretched her arms over her head and slipped a yellow knit sheath down her arms and body. She adjusted the waist, pulled at the hem which was only a couple of inches below her crotch then spun to look over her shoulder in the full length mirror. 

“Mmm, it makes my ass too big, don't you think?” 

“No, but the color isn't right for the Montha. Yellow is wrong, you would glow in there, try something less bright.” The yellow knit was quickly discarded and a blue sequined shift was tried on next. As she was stripping and trying the next dress my cock grew even more, it was beginning to get uncomfortable in my pants. The blue shift was nice but didn’t show enough cleavage. She wanted to go bra-less so she needed to wear something that would advertise her charms properly, the blue garment joined the yellow in a heap. By the time she had put on the third one, solicited my opinion then stripped free of the it my balls were churning so I interrupted her, “Hey, I need some room to breath, I’m taking my pants off, okay?.” I didn't wait for permission, since she was in her delicate wear in front of me I figured I could do the same. I stood from the bed and shed my cargo pants, in moments I was in shirt and deep blue briefs that bulged with the length of my erection. 

Sabrina looked at the results of her style show and teased “What is that going to look like when I finish with these dresses?” Her tits swung freely when she bent for the next. The fourth mini dress was semitransparent and hugged her body lines firmly. The material snugged tightly around her ass and breasts, her waist and thighs were nicely outlined. The top of the dress was more opaque so I couldn’t see her nipples but the red thong was visible through the thin cloth. “If you wear that you should wear a different crotch cover” I advised. She looked herself over in the mirror then reached under the short dress and pulled her underwear down her legs. She turned to me with the thong balanced on one foot then kick it up and at me. The lacy red thong arced across the room and landed on my right shoulder. 

Sabina smiled broadly, “I like the dress so I guess I won't wear those.” I pulled her underwear off my shoulder then put them under my nose while looking her straight in the eyes. I caught the musky scent of her body then kissed the still warm crotch. My sister-in-laws eyes grew larger and I swear I could see her nipples stand stiff under the dress. My erection was pulsing, throbbing with every thump of my heart. 

Sabina stepped across the room, bent down to put her hands on the bed and looked me in the eyes. Her long blonde hair framed her face and cascaded over her shoulders to cloak her nipples. I was watching her lips which were formed as a small enticing smile then she said softly,“You kissed my panties. You are a lowlife fucking perv.” She pulled the thong from my hand then stood while unbunching it. She stretched it out then put it over my head and adjusted it until the crotch was across my nose. When she was done she put her mouth next to my ear and asked “You want to taste the real thing?” She pushed me flat to my back then straddled my chest. I reached under her short skirt and cupped her ass cheeks then pulled her body up until my head was under the edge of the dress. Sabina rolled her hips and raised up to her knees then pressed her honey seeping pussy on my chin. I flicked the thong away from my mouth with my tongue then licked the swollen lips of my sister-in-laws pussy. 

“Ohhh!” Sabina gushed when my mouth formed a lock on her cunt lips and I kissed her. The tip of my tongue flickered across the soft pillowy sides of her pussy then I extended it between them, probing for the hole. She moved her hips, rotating them until my mouth was where it felt good to her and let me lick and suck her. She was heating up fast, her body started rocking, she leaned down and grabbed my hair with one hand and began to roll her crotch against my face. I was licking her and watching her stomach muscles quivering under the short dress. She raised up to her knees which cause her cunt to pull away then grabbed the dress by the hem and pulled it off. She threw it to the floor then flopped off my chest to her back and spread her legs wide. “Eat it you sick fucking bastard, suck my clit and tongue fuck me.” 

My erection was trembling with lust and pulsing with the pounding of my heart. I pulled her thong and my own shirt off then went to my knees between my sister-in-laws legs. I pulled my briefs to my knees then laid on my stomach and put my mouth on her again. Her crack was glistening with dew which I licked off then changed my target to her hot button at the top of her slit. I kissed the skin cover of her clit then exposed it by spreading the hood with two fingers then tickled it with the tip of my nose. Sabina jerked her hips and gasped a light breath then began to undulate in sync to the mouthing she was getting. While I was sucking her pussy I eased a hand up then pressed two fingers into the entrance of her sex. When I pushed my fingers into her as deep as they would go her legs began to quiver. She groaned and humped her ass even harder while I fucked the bed between her legs. 

I ate and fingered the hot blonde cunt for only a couple of minutes before she arched off the bed and cried out an orgasm. Her hole started flowing with fuck juice as she banged her head back and forth while yelping her pleasure. After she peaked she fell relaxed to the bed, I pulled my fingers out of her and sat up. Sabina smiled at me “Oh, my god that felt good, lay down.” I flopped to my back beside her then she rolled to me with her head over my lap. My cock was hard as granite and pointed at the ceiling when she pulled the head of it between her lips and started blowing me. My brothers wife mouth fucked my cock then when she cradled my balls in a hand the damn broke. I didn't hesitate to let the rush of cum blast out of my prick over her teeth. She never even flinched; Sabina formed a vacuum on my erection and sucked my cum like she was drinking root beer from a straw. I put a hand on the back of her head and pressed it down until her nose was buried in my ball sack while I shot six rounds of liquid fire down her throat. 

We were lying side by side staring at her overhead light fixture, our chests still puffing for cool air. Sabina twisted her head toward me, smiled and said “Fuck, we never did that before.”

I put the fingers I had in her to my nose and scented the fragrance of her body clinging to them, “I'm sure I would have remembered if we did. Jesus girl, this just started out as a fashion show, what happened, why did you get all hot and bothered?”

“I was horny before I called you in here and sort of started teasing you while I tried on the dresses to see how you would react. It was fun watching you get a boner for me then when you smelled my thong my head and body sort of went all haywire and I wanted to do something so …….”

“You still horny?”

She raised up on an elbow and looked at me from feet to face then reached for my semi-stiff cock. She stroked me a few times while thinking about my question then answered, “Yeah, you want to fuck me?” 

She twisted around until we were lying face to face on our sides. My cock was pressing against her thigh. Sabina lifted her leg and hooked it over my hip. My erection slipped between her legs and wedged itself against her body. I began to stroke along the lips of her pussy, mixing the fluids seeping from her with mine. She put her arms around me and held me tight, her tits were mashed on my chest. I'm not sure I ever felt a girl get instant hot before but my sister-in-law went from simmer to boil in seconds. She was moving in waves, gasping for breath in my ear as I humped my ass. She was so turned on she set me on fire everywhere we touched. I rolled her to her back, staying locked in her arms so I ended up over her, between her legs. Sabina loosened her grip on me so I could maneuver the head of my prick between the folds of pussy. 

My sister-in-law rolled her hips and the end of my cock slipped into her. We were still; I could feel the pressure of her hole surrounding the end of my erection which pulsed each time my heart thumped. I bent my back, pushing further into Sabina while she lay quite, looking up at me. My ass clinched tight which forced me even deeper into her; she moved her legs farther apart which gave me room to move. My hands were pushing into the mattress on each side of her head, my arms stiff so I was angled from my head to where our groins touched. I pushed in until my rock solid erection was as far into Sabina as it would go. Our pubic hairs were tangled, our bodies pinned. 

Neither of us moved for a few seconds, we just looked at each other then Sabina began to smile. She licked her lips with the end of her tongue and flexed her hips, my cock slid out a couple of inches then back in. I returned the smile and pulled out of her until her pubic hair was tickling the end of my cock then thrust back into her. After a second thrust, which she met by pushing back on me, we were fucking. 

We were having sex together the first time so we weren't totally in sync. For the first few moments I was pounding into her while she slammed back on me but we had no fuck rhythm so I kept slipping out of her. When I did she would reach for me and help me put my swollen muscle back into her. I slowed down deliberately so she could move with me. It wasn’t long before Sabina and I were screwing each other to higher and higher levels of excitement. I marveled at the feeling of sliding in and out of my brother's spouse.

She was moaning softly, hands on my back, holding me close. Her tits were buried in my chest, her stomach rubbing on mine. I watched her face, every time I shoved my cock deep into her she gritted her teeth and hissed lightly. I could smell her, I could feel her, I felt her breath on my ear; I wanted all my senses to experience the girl so I bent my head and licked her neck. That final touch, my tongue on her skin triggered our orgasms. I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t control it, I didn't want too. I was in the throes of a wild, exciting fuck and sensed that she was getting as much pleasure from me as I was from her. I slammed her cunt, forcing a flood of fluids deep into Sabina. She felt me totally lose control and rocked harder with me, letting me fill her with cum as she pulled a corner of her blanket over her face to keep from waking the dead with her cries of relief. 

We were lying side by side again, panting and letting the sweat evaporate, cooling off. I turned my head to her “You're the best piece of ass I've had in ages, why in hell haven't we done that before?”

She smiled weakly, her chest still huffing, “We never got hot for each other before, at least not at the same time.”

“You get hot for me?”

“Well, not every day because your Richard's brother but a once in a while I wondered what it might be like to fuck you, I mean we live close and sometimes I just kind of think about you. Don't you ever think of me as a girl, not your sister-in-law?”

“Pretty much every time I see you. I've totally screwed you a million times since your wedding, being your brother-in-law never stopped my imagination.” 

Sabina grinned at my revelation then kissed me lightly, that was the first time our lips had ever met intimately. She tapped me lightly on the chest “You have to go, I need to get ready.”

I got off the bed then picked up the red thong and used it to wipe the traces of cum off my prick. I dropped it on her stomach “Here, a souvenir” then turned to leave. Just as I opened her door she threw the thong back, it hit my arm then fell to the floor.

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