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Gay: Hot Guitar Teacher

Inskickad av: Leo

It was a very boring day. As holidays are boring as usual.  Mom was enjoying with her friends.  Dad was busy in his office.  And I am here home alone waiting for the guitar class.  I thought learning guitar would be fun , but turned out very boring.  The doorbell rang and my guitar teacher , John came.  He was a white muscular guy.  Maybe he goes to gym just like me. But he was more muscular than me and I was dark brown. "So Marcus, today we will learn Chords ,he said.  He showed me C chord and played it on his guitar.  When I tried it, it only hurt my fingers.  He took my fingers to see them. The moment he touched me my dick got hard. I don't know why but I was turned on.  His two upper buttons of his shirt were open and I was staring at his chest.  I kept staring while he was teaching the chords.  " are you even listening to me? ",he asked.  "Oh , I was a bit absent minded ",I replied. "Were you staring at me" , he asked.  " your chest is more interesting than the stupid class, Sir. " I replied.
" really. You don't like my guitar tutorial "
" no sir, it's very boring "
" then let me give you something interesting "
John came close to me and kissed me. I was surprised and seduced at the same time. He kissed again and this time little wilder. 
"How's this now Marcus "
"It's amazing " 
"Want more"
"Just do it John "
He took off my shirt and kissed me again.  He bit my lips.  And licked my tongue. He then touched my lips. And slowly moved his hands to my chest, then my belly.  Then he put his hand in my pants and started playing with my dick.  I felt very hot that moment. I was sighing with satisfaction . "you're making me hot John",I said. He kissed me while tickling my dick. He touched the tip of my dick and I moaned like a wolf. He then pushed me to the bed and kissed me wildly.  Our tongues were dancing with each other.  Then he came to my neck and kissed it.  He licked my neck like a hungry dog. He then licked my chest and bit my nipples.  I screamed in lust. He reached my round and sexy navel and licked every bit of it.  Then he took off my pants and grabbed my dick.  He started sucking it. He sucked so hot that I moaned very much. I felt like heaven when he licked the tip. Then he took off his clothes and showed me his naked hot body. He showed me his dick and I took it in my mouth. I suck it like I was very thirsty for cum.  I licked his tip and jerked it off.  Then again I put it in my mouth and suck it very fast.  He was about to cum when he pulled it out. 
"Would you like my dick in your ass? ", he asked. "I have never been bottom before ",I replied. "Try it now then and you will love it ",he said.  I showed him my ass and he inserted his dick in it.  I felt like very big thing inside me.  He then started fucking me.  Though never thought of being bottom but I loved it.  He fucked even faster. I moaned and screemed. I was like a helpless creature but I felt really great.  I yelled for more and he did even faster. I was sweating heavily while he did his job. Finally he cummed in my ass.  He took the cum with his fingers, put them in my mouth and kissed me.  Our mouth was full of cum and our tongues drowned in it.  It tasted amazing. I asked "what about my dick? I haven't cummed yet. " . "I have solution for that too,he said.  He again took my dick and started sucking it. He sucked very fast and his speed was increasing. My dick was deep in his throat. He jerked off and sucked my dick at the same time.  Finally I cummed in his mouth. I fucked his mouth.  He drank my cum and slept beside me. "today was the best class John" ,I said.  "And you're the best and the hottest student I ever had" ,he replied and kissed me. 

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