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Cuckold: Dogging Diary

Inskickad av: Kenny

It was a very warm summers night. I’d decided to drive down to the local dogging spot around 8pm. The spot consists of a lay-by and an isolated road, which has a nature reserve half way down and becomes a dead end in the middle of a farmer’s field. 

I parked up half way down the road and released my cock from my jeans. I had become rather horny on the drive to the spot, thinking about the concept of what I had discovered in recent weeks. A few tugs in the right direction and my cock now stood proud at its full 8.5 inches. I pushed my seat back to create some leg space and spread myself out so that my balls could swing free from my thighs. Cupping them with my free hand as I started to pay my cock head some attention with my finger tips.

As I swept my thumb over my cock slit, a thick string of Pre cum separated itself from its hole and glistened as I snatched it into my fingers. I pulled them to my mouth and licked it off. I was so horny. Parked up in the car, in public, with the chance of being watched or even played with by complete strangers. The taste of the Pre cum on my tongue increasing the sensation of my throbbing member in my palm.

I catch a flash of headlights in my side view mirror. Knowing I have around 30 seconds to make sure my cock is put away I don't peel my eyes from the mirror as I do this and have around 10 seconds to spare. A small car passes by with what looked like a man and a woman inside. It continued on down towards the dead end. 

Moments after the car’s break lights move out of sight, I was greeted by another set of headlights in my side view. As it got closer I noticed a third car traveling behind. I waited for them to pass and as their break lights went round the bend in the road I decided that I would go and investigate. Three cars down a dead end road seemed like the sort of activity that I was starting to become accustomed to. 

I flicked the key in the ignition and fired my car up. As I pushed the gearstick into place I witnessed a set of lights coming back up the road. Knowing that there would be no opportunity to pass I knocked the gearstick back to neutral to allow the car to drive by. As it approached the driver slowed the car down to a stop, adjacent to my window. 

The man looked at me as if he wanted to speak, so I wound down my window and was greeted to “Hello, me and her are looking for a bit of fun tonight, but she is very picky who she wants to go with. She likes the look of you, but these two guys have been driving behind us for a while now. We're going to go for a drive to shake them off and we will come back and meet you at the dead end of this road later this evening. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?”

I looked at him, then across to her. They were quite an attractive couple, mid 40s at a guess. “Yeah that sounds good to me” I replied.

“Good, well we will see you later then!” 

Before I knew what had happened, I was rolling my window back up and was alone again. My cock straining against the material of my jeans, twitching rapidly in anticipation of what the night had in store for me. I waited for the two guys to drive back past me and headed for the local petrol station. I needed a drink and something to eat if I was going to spend the rest of the evening sat in the darkness of a farmer’s field.

After I had got my supplies I drove back to the spot which we had agreed to meet. Excitement rushed through my body. I couldn't wait to release my cock again from my jeans. I dropped my hand to the material and rubbed at my cock head. I could feel the heat from my throbbing member. I turned into the isolated road and made my way to the bottom of the track. I passed one of the cars that I had seen earlier. He had parked up so the couple’s job of getting rid of him had worked.. For now at least, I thought. A massive smile crossed my face knowing that I was soon going to be playing with the couple that he was probably sitting and tossing himself off to. 

The road got bumpier and turned from asphalt to dirt. I drove to what I thought would be considered to be the end of the road and turned my car around so that I would be able to see any oncoming headlights. Parked up, I switched off the ignition and lights whilst rolling my chair back again. I pulled my jeans down around my legs in one swift move, dragging my boxer shorts in the process. 

My cock sprang upwards and smacked against the steering wheel. The feeling of fresh air mixing with the coating of pre-cum around my cock head had me pulsating like crazy. I need to steady my nerves I thought, otherwise I'll end up blowing my load when I see them.

I kicked my shoes off and pushed my jeans and boxers past my feet. I figured that I would see anyone coming well before they would see me. I slipped my shoes back on and reached for my cigarette packet. I pulled the pre-rolled joint out that I had planned to smoke before bed and grabbed my lighter. I then got out of the car and sat on the lip of my bonnet. 

I put the roach into my mouth and inhaled hard as the flame hit the end. Once I had got it burning i threw the lighter down in front of me and wrapped my hand around my still throbbing tool. I preceded to smoke and slowly toss myself off, switching hands every so often, whilst not forgetting to fondle my balls in between. 

It was such a turn on to be standing half naked in public. My cock standing at full attention. I thought about what the woman of the couple looked like, imagining that she was kneeling in front of me. I spat on my hand and rubbed it over my cock head. Imagining that she was running her tongue around my shaft. I pulled the last few drags on the joint and threw it aside. Feeling quite relaxed now I took my cock into both hands I started to jerk with intention. I could feel my spunk rising up its chute and my balls started to tighten. Just before I was about to blow my load I decided to stop. My cock twitched in the summer air as I picked up my lighter and got back into the car. 

I pulled my boxers and jeans back up my legs and decided to open my sandwich. I sat for what seemed to be hours. It’d actually been 1 hour 20 minutes since I had spoken to the couple when I saw a flash of light down the track. 

I sat, eager in anticipation for the car. Trying not to excite myself to much incase it wasn't the couple who was slowly approaching me. As the car got to within feet of my car it turned right pulling the familiar car across the front of my bonnet. It reversed so that the passenger door was level with my window screen.

I sat whilst the couple moved about in the car, it was dark so I could only make out that there was movement. Not quite knowing what to expect I just sat and watched. When the movement stopped, I decided to get out of the car to speak with them. 

As I approached the window, the dark figures became clearer and I could see that the woman was bent over the gear stick and her head was bobbing up and down on her partners cock. She was sticking her panty covered ass in the air for me to see. I slipped my cock out of my jeans and began to rub it. Eyes fixed on the gorgeous ass in front of me. 

The man signaled for me to open the door, so I slipped my cock back inside and took the handle in my hand. Pulling the door back I now could see that the woman is only wearing her black lace panties bra and boots. The man gave me a quick nod and placed his hand on the back of the ladies head pushing her further into his crotch. 

I took this as instruction to wrap my hands around her legs at the top of her boots and slowly raise them. Past her knees and up towards her ass. When I reached her crease I squeezed her ass cheeks and heard her moan from the mans lap. He twitched when this happened so I knew that it was having the desired effect. I ran my hands all over her panties. Occasionally drifting them lightly over her damp patch. I slowly started to hook my fingers beneath her panties, making sure that I had a good grip. I squeezed her ass cheeks hooking my thumbs close to her red hot snatch, pulled them apart and planted my nose right into the crack. I breathed in her sex musk through the fabric, intoxicating my senses, I began to rub my face all over her panties, still squeezing her cheeks and when my nose was in line with her ass crack I made sure I let it press against her back passage and dragged it down over her slit. 

She started to push backwards into my face when I did this, so I pushed my nose into her ass hole again, pulled the panties down her thighs and buried my tongue deep inside her soaking wet cunt. This made her raise her head and moan loudly. “Mmmm that's good, lick my pussy like that” she instructed.

I continued to slide my tongue all over her, running it up and down her slit, circling her tight fuck hole, sucking on her pussy lips and clit, dipping my fingers inside slightly at times. Each time that I penetrated her she bucked backwards, expecting more.

The man suddenly said “oh that's great, she’s really loving this. Do you want to take her into your car with you?” I replied that I would love to and she started to spin around. She looked back at her man and gave him the longest tongue kiss ever. My hand was rubbing her belly and tits through her bra whilst she did this. 

Finally she moved, picked up her handbag, swung her legs out of the door and stood before me. She stood at about 5’4” curly blond/brown hair, glasses which made her look so sexy. Her tits looked to be around a b/c cup and her stomach was flat. “You look stunning” I told her. She merely smiled and started walking to my passenger door. I watched her ass as she walked. Gave my acknowledgement to the guy who was giving me full access to his partner and followed suit taking my place in the drivers seat of my car. 

I shut the door and looked at her, she smiled again and then said “so what's your name then?” 

“I’m Oli” I replied. “And you two?”

“I'm Sally and my husband is called Reg. How old are you?”

“I’m 22” I told her. “I'm old enough to be your mum” she replied. 

“Haha, why how old are you?”

“I'm 47 going on 48” she admitted.

“Well you are a very attractive lady Sally and you certainly turn me on” I moved over to her, wrapped my hand to the side of her face and pulled her in for a kiss. She responded slowly, pushing her tongue against mine. We kissed for around five minutes, our hands starting to dart over each other. Slowly building up the tension to a full on snog. I pulled away, “mmmm lets see that cock of yours” she said. 

I undid my jeans and pushed them down my legs and my cock sprung up again. It was harder than I can ever remember it being and was longing for Sally to touch it. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around it. I could feel it twitching under her touch. She reached into her purse and pulled out a condom. 

She took it out of the packet and rolled it down my cock. “Come over here and fill me up, my pussy is aching for a good fucking” I didn't have to think about this, I moved across to her and pulled her panties off. I lifted one leg onto the dash and lined my cock head up to her pussy. I could feel the wetness on my fingers as I controlled my head at the entrance. 

“Your bigger than Reg, please take it easy to start with” she whispered into my ear. I sunk my cock into her about half way. “OOOHHH” she said. She lifted my t-shirt over my head and I helped her remove it whilst slowly moving in and out of her. She slid her hands up my back and pulled me towards her so I pushed my cock in, a little further. She dug her nails into my back and scratched me, which is a big turn on for me, so I pushed all the way in to my balls. “Oh shit.” She said as I bottomed out. “Oh give it to me. Please fuck me and give me your spunk.” 

I started to pick up speed, she met me with synchronized thrusts as we started to get lost in each others new found lust. I unclipped her bra and pushed it aside, taking her bullet like nipples into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my hair and pushed my face into her tits. Her bucks on my cock were getting harder and I could tell that she was getting close.

I ran my fingers across her clit and her cunt clamped down on my cock. She felt so tight when this happened and I couldn't control myself with slow fucking any longer. I started to plough away at her cunt for all I was worth and could feel her juice starting to cover my balls and legs. “OOHH, I'm Going to cum, fuck, give it to me, ahhhhhh shiiiiiiittttt” she screamed. Knowing that I was bringing her off was all that I needed and I shot my load hard into the condom. She gripped my cock so hard with her fuck hole I felt it was going to keep draining from my balls forever.

As we slowed down we kissed again passionately. “That was great, you can do that again” she said. I proceeded to tell her that she had brought me off like there was no tomorrow and I would be more than interested in meeting her again for more fun. We sat for a few moments to catch our breath. Re-arranged our clothes and got out of the car. Once she was back with Reg, he looked as pleased as I felt at that moment in time. “So would you like to do this again then?” 
“Yes, I'd love to meet you both again” I replied. 
Reg took out his phone and asked for my number. I told it to him and he rang me to exchange.

“We’ll be looking to play again in a few weeks time, I will send you a text to see if your free.” Reg proclaimed.

“Sounds great!” I replied. 

“That really, was great” Sally told us both. I agreed and leaned in to kiss her goodnight. She responded with her tongue and we kissed for a moment in front of her husband. He just looked on with a smile on his face. 

We said our goodbyes and they left. Leaving me alone again in the empty field.

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