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Gay: Cruising for Dick

Inskickad av: Leo

We moved recently and I had to take my wife Barbara shopping today in the mall of our new town. I’d scouted out all the local parks beforehand and then went cruising after I dropped her off. When I went to the nearest park there were a bunch of cars there, mostly pickup trucks. There seemed to be a lot of guys but most didn’t seem interested in playing or at least not with me. I wandered around trying to get the lay of the land

There was a blue car that was backed into a parking space in such a way that the driver could see any cops that pulled into the park. The way he was parked the sidewalk ran right by the driver’s door. He had his window down, so I screwed up my courage and walked up. I started some senseless small talk to which he made just as senseless replies. Looking down through his window I noticed he was wearing shorts...and that he had a huge bulge.

I suddenly switched from the weather to asking the guy if he liked to play. When he looked at me like he didn’t what I was talking about I asked, “Do you want your dick sucked?”

That more or less broke the ice and he asked if I liked cock. When I admitted that I did and out came his cock. It was a nice looking cock, smaller but still nice. We kept talking, mostly me trying to get him to go somewhere a little more private and he kept playing with his cock. I kept getting hotter and hotter.

Despite being nervous with all the other cars around when he invited me to hop in his car I did. I expected him to drive some place safer. He said where we were at was OK. I should have got out and walked off, but I’d started thinking with my little head instead of my big one..

Kneeling sideways on the passenger’s seat, I lowered my face to his lap and went to work sucking on his lovely cock. I took it all the way down to his pubic hair, which he had a manly clump of and worked it with my tongue. He was pleased and moaned, “Oh yesss…you really knew how to suck a cock.” Laying his hand on the back of my head he chuckled, “You really love cock don’t you.”

And I mumbled, “Yes,” around a mouth full of dick.

I did more tongue action and some bobbing up and down and then back to the tongue. Then more bobbing. Then the best part was when he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me down and force fed me his cock. That was very hot having him totally dominated me and used my mouth for his pleasure. And he was enjoying it to. I could tell because he started moaning and thrusting hard into my mouth hard enough to bruise my lips. Then he stiffen up and start shooting and shooting and shooting his tasty cum into my grateful mouth. I took it all but was worried about overflow. He took a long time to shrink so I gently massaged his cock with my tongue as he gave me the last drop of his delicious, salty cum. Then I took the last dribbles on my face and lips so I could smell him long after.

Then as I stepped out of the guy’s white car there was an old friend who I had sucked before. I walked right up to him and boldly rubbed his crotch and told him how much I loved sucking his cock the last time. He said, “I don’t want to cum. I want to stay horny and suck off a few guys first.”

I finally got him to get in my car with me. It wasn’t my thing but he was so to please him, we kissed and felt each other up…rubbed cocks and pinched nipples, etc. It was a mutual encounter; both of us hot for cock. He wanted to suck me first so I Iet him. His soft girly lips felt magnificent on my cock as he deep throated me again and again.

I rubbed his hair and held his head and urged him on, all the things I love when I’m sucking cock.

He finally pulled off and sat back down in the passenger’s seat.

Moving to my knees in the driver’s seat, I crouched down and lowered my face to his lap to suck him. As I took him in my mouth, he reminded me, “I don’t want to cum. I want to save it up so I can slut around in the park for the rest of the day.”

I said, “OK, let's both just enjoy ourselves.”

I smiled and then took him back in my mouth. His cock wasn’t too long but with a big soft beautiful head and a thick firm shaft with soft velvety skin on the outside so it was a real pleasure to suck him. I held him deep and worked my tongue while playing with his soft balls with one of my hands.

Then some heads bobbing as I worked him in and out. About every third or fourth bob I deep throated him. He’d push my head down when I did this and hold himself deep in my throat. Then he’d left off and there would be more bobbing.

Then some laughing and teasing and more (yuck) kissing and again complimenting him on his beautiful cock. So I exaggerated a little bit but what the heck, it made him feel good.  
Then back to sucking. Just when it was getting good I remember he didn’t want to cum so I backed off. As his cock came out of my mouth, he grabbed my head and wailed, “Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop.” Almost brutally he shoving my face back into his lap and his cock back in my mouth. As my lips tightened and I started sucking he almost yelled, “Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock."  Then all of a sudden he stiffed up and screeched, “Oh, my god, I'm cummmmmming! ....I’m fucking Cumming! .... Cumming!”

Because he’d made such a big thing about not cumming I was both shocked and surprised but it was very exciting to hear so I started to thrust faster and harder. And then bang, he started pumping me with a good healthy dose of fresh hot cum. It was a nice healthy full load of cum that filled my mouth.

I took the last few drop on my lips and face so I could savor it. So much for him not cumming. As a consolation prize for getting carried away and cumming, I tried to kiss him with my cummy-lips but he wouldn’t let me.

Laughing, he jumped out of the car and he ran off.

I fired up my engine and headed back to mall to pick up my wife with cum on my breath.

As I drove out of the park I noticed that a white pickup followed me out. I’d see him in the lot before but he’d seemed too young and Studley for sweet little old me. He followed me for a little ways. It was a little scary but I was curious. Anyway I was interested so I pulled into a vacant lot and waved at him and he tentatively followed me. I hopped out of my car and asked him, “Did you want something from me?”

“Yes. A blowjob,” he said as he pulled out a huge cock…at least 9-inches, and showed it to me. One look and we quickly retired into the nearby woods and I subserviently got on my knees and out came his cock again. It was the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. It was long and thick with a perfect head. The shaft was perfectly smooth. An incredibly perfect cock. The skin was velvety soft and pliable but the shaft was very hard.

I was so big that I was worried that I couldn’t fit it in my mouth all the way. I went all the way down until it hit the back of my throat but there was still an inch or two left so I pushed hard and was barely able to bury the whole cock in my throat. It was a little painful but I was happy to do it.

He congratulated me on doing it. I imagine that few could so I found doing it somewhat gratifying. I’d held him deep and worked my tongue. His, “Uuuuuuugh,” told me that he loved it. His shaft was so straight and rigid that it was hard to comfortably get it down my throat. I tried my usual slow in and out motion but he grabbed the sides of my head and started thrust hard and fast.  I couldn’t breathe so I had to pull off to catch my breath.

I told him that I had a hard time breathing around his huge cock which he thought was amusing. He said he’d already cum twice that morning so it would take a little work to get my reward. I didn’t ask him how he’d cum. He was handsome and trim and his tummy and chest, which I rubbed as I coaxed a load out of him, were silky smooth.   

He started to thrust and moan, "Ooooh god yeah, suck it man, suck my cock." I was getting so turned on by his passion that I could feel my own cock growing. He grabbed my shoulders and gave a few more clumsy thrusts and then went up on his toes and stiffened. His cock pulsed and throbbed and warm, delicious cum flooded my mouth.

He quickly pulled out, zipped up and said, “Thanks faggot,” as he left, leaving me on my knees with a mouthful of his warm cum. I felt so submissive and degraded and, yes, wonderful.

When I’d deep throated him the head had pressed so hard that I went back to pick my wife up with a sore throat and stretched lips. I’ve often wonder if when I kissed her after one of these little episodes she could smell and taste the cum on my breath. I think I’m going to like this town. Especially the parks.

The end…

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