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First Time: The drive home

Inskickad av: Kenny

This wasn’t the type of party Steven would usually find himself on a Saturday night, but he was having a good time so far. He spotted his brother across the patio and excused himself from his conversation with the group of old guys who were giving him golf tips. Steven walked across the patio, past the pool, past the group of adults laughing hilariously, past the old banker with a bottle of wine in each hand, filling the glasses of everyone he passed. So this, Steven thought, is how rich people party. Not bad, he thought.

His aunt was turning 50 this weekend and her friends had thrown her a party at one of their houses. Looking around, Steven figured he was the youngest person there. His brother was also there with his girlfriend, who were both 21 and in college together. And his cousin, Laura – his aunt’s daughter – was also there. She was 23 and had just graduated from the college that Steven would be attending come September. The rest of the party guests were all a good twenty or thirty years older than them.

Steven’s and Laura’s moms were close, so they grew up seeing each other several times a year growing up. They got together a little less frequently since Laura started college four years ago, but the whole family still gathered at least a couple times a year. Although Steven was four years younger than Laura, they had always been close. About the time Laura started college, Steven had begun to notice how attractive she was. It seemed every time he saw her since then she had gotten even hotter. Steven always enjoyed his time with her, both because he thought she was hot, and because she was one of the few attractive girls that he also considered to be a good friend.

Laura and Steven’s brother and his girlfriend were all legal and were drinking as hard as the rest of the adults. Though Steven mainly floated around the party with them, chatting and catching up, he was frequently pulled aside by some older folks who wanted to chat and joke with him and give him advice. More than one would slip him a beer, probably thinking they were the only one to do so. Steven was getting a pretty good buzz after a couple hours.

Laura caught up with him close to midnight. Her day of travelling had caught up with her, and she decided she had better call it a night. She was also a bit drunk, so it was decided that Steven would drive her back to his aunt’s house, which is where he and his family were also staying for the weekend. His aunt gave him the keys to her Lexus.

Laura took Steven’s arm in hers as they exited by the side yard and walked to the car. Steven fired up the Lexus and pulled out of the drive.

“Thanks so much, Steven. Sorry I’m making you leave the party early. I just had such a long day, I’m ready to hit the sack” Laura apologized.

“That’s cool. I’ll have my share of parties this fall, I’m sure,” he replied.

Laura lit up. “Steven, you’re going to have so much fun! College is great. I wish I could redo it all… Take it from me – go to all the parties you can, meet all the people you can. It’s amazing.”

Steven smiled, looking forward to the fall. “I know, I will. What are you going to miss most about college?”

Laura laughed. “God… everything! I did so much growing up. Your first semester, you’ll learn so much. I know I did.”

“Yeah,” Steven asked, “Like what?”

“Everything. How to live on your own… laundry and cooking and all that. About parties and drinking and where your limits are.” Laura grinned. “And about sex, of course…” she said more quietly.

Steven glanced at her while driving down the back roads. “Yeah…?” he prodded, hoping she would elaborate.

“OH yeah,” she giggled. She thought for a second, then looked at him. “Steven, have you ever fucked a girl?”

Steven’s heart raced. He couldn’t believe his attractive, semi-drunk cousin was asking him about his sex life. He decided to tell the truth.

“Uh… No, I mean I’ve fooled around with some, but not that yet.”

“Steven,” she said reassuringly as she put her hand on his leg, “That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Seriously, so much changes in college,” she excitedly told him, reminiscing. “You’re going to meet so many new and interesting people, and you’ll be new and interesting to everyone, too! A guy with your looks won’t have any problem hooking up with as many girls as you want.”

Steven was taken aback by his cousin’s compliment. He’d never really thought of himself as good-looking. “You really think so?” he asked.

“I do. Believe me, all the pretty little college girls will want to fuck my stud little cousin,” she said, making them both laugh. “And you’re a nice guy, too. There really are a lot of assholes out there. You’re nice and funny AND handsome, and that’s enough to get a lot of girls to sleep with you.”

Steven was still a bit buzzed, but he swore that Laura’s hand was gently, almost imperceptibly rubbing his leg. It felt good. Steven laughed, “God, you make it sound so bad, like I’m going to be tricking girls into hopping in bed with me.”

“Not at all,” Laura replied, her fingers rubbing his thigh a little more. “Girls want no strings attached sex as much as guys do. Trust me. But we also don’t want people to think we’re sluts, so we have to be more careful than guys about who we sleep with. That’s why I always looked for nice, funny, handsome guys. Like you.”

Steven felt himself begin to harden slightly. Laura went on, “And you. You should look for pretty, smart girls with nice, fuckable bodies who like to have fun with guys like you. Girls, for instance, like me.” Laura let her hand drift over the fly of his pants, gently rubbing her palm over the hardening bulge in his pants.

Steven sighed at the touch of his cousin’s hand, and grinned as his heart rate increased. His right hand dropped from the steering wheel and he lightly rubbed her forearm as she touched his crotch.

“Steven,” Laura suggested, “Pull the car over.”

The car pulled into a dark parking lot and Steven put the gear in park. Laura unbuckled and used his shoulders to balance herself as she moved over the center console to straddle her cousin. He smiled at her as she took his face in her hands and gently slipped her tongue in between his lips. Steven kissed her back, enjoying the softness of her lips in his. They kissed, softly moaning into each others mouths as the wet sounds of their lips sliding over one another’s filled the car.

Steven rubbed her hips through her dress, then dropped his hands to feel her bare legs in his hands. He rubbed up her thighs and under her dress. Laura moaned as she felt her cousin’s strong hands slide up her bare flesh to her ass, lightly gripping her butt. She kissed the nape of his neck as she began to unbutton his shirt.

Laura traced her fingernails up and down his smooth chest as she enjoyed his playful tongue mixing with hers. She felt his hands working closer to her crotch. Her face was flushed, overcome with lust for her cousin. Her hips began to work back and forth, lightly rubbing herself on his crotch. She felt one finger find her warmth, causing her to moan.

“That’s it, Steven,” she encouraged, “Touch me! I’m so wet…”

He slipped his finger into her wetness, feeling its tightness. He kissed her as he began to finger her. She was quite obviously enjoying his efforts. He couldn’t believe he was here, watching the lust and pleasure on his cousin’s face as his finger was buried deep in her tight pussy.

Laura ground her pussy on his hand as his finger worked in her. She worked the top of her dress down and removed her black bra, tossing it to the empty passenger’s seat. She watched the enjoyment on her young cousin’s face as she exposed her breasts to him. He grinned at her before placing his free hand to her bare back and pulling her chest to his mouth. She cooed as she felt her hard nipple come in contact with his warm wet tongue, causing her to tingle.

Laura smiled as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying the pleasure treatment her cousin was giving her. Yes, she thought, the college girls were going to love him. She lightly gripped fistfuls of his short hair as his mouth suckled her breasts and his finger rubbed her clit. She was in heaven, but she wanted more. She had felt his hard cock pressing against her through his pants for far too long.

She unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly. She pulled his pants and boxers down below his ass, letting them fall to his ankles. Steven’s erection stood proudly between his stomach and hers. She loosely wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, smiling as she felt his girth in her fingers. 

“Mmm,” she groaned, feeling his cock pulse with his heart beat. “I guess I should stop calling you my little cousin.”

Steven grinned and watched her slowly stroke his cock with the tips of her fingers. A drop of precum formed at the tip of his cock and she knew it would not be long before she would bury his cock deep within her. 

She locked his lips to hers once again for a passionate kiss. Lifting her ass off of his thighs, she positioned herself over him. She guided his cock to the entrance of her wet slit and lowered, feeling his length slowly bury deep within her, inch by inch. They both were breathing deeply as they joined together. Laura was completely impaled on his cock, her crotch resting against his. Steven’s arms were wrapped around her lower back, holding her to him, her tits pressed into his chest. He was completely in heaven with the feeling of his manhood completely engulfed in Laura.

My God, he thought, this is so much better than I imagined.

They locked eyes and Laura tenderly took his lips in hers, one hand on his cheek and one hand rubbing his strong back. She had not forgotten that this was his first time, and she knew how new the feelings were that he was having and how incredible he must feel. Laura gently kissed him, allowing him to get used to her body and the wet, tight glove it formed on his cock. She enjoyed the feeling of incredible fullness that her cousin’s cock gave to her as they rested almost motionless.

Laura and Steven began kissing more aggressively after several moments, and Laura had to fuck him. Laura lifted until only the head of his cock was still within her, then slid back down his shaft. She watched his face as he savored the feeling, enjoying that she was making him feel so good.

She slowly fucked him for several minutes, lifting to the tip, dropping back down to the hilt. Their cheeks were pressed together, breathing into each others’ necks, panting as they tenderly fucked. Laura picked up the pace and began to rock her hips back and forth, thrusting her pelvis in and out. Steven rubbed her thighs appreciatively as she ground on him. Laura sucked on the tender nape of his neck. Steven moaned.

“God… you feel so good, Laura,” he managed as his breath picked up.

Laura moaned and smiled, raising her head and gripping his shoulders for stability as she picked up the pace. Her breath was ragged with grunts ad moans as she panted, rocking back and forth on him. Steven forcefully grabbed the back of her head, kissing her deeply. He watched her as her eyes tightly closed and her mouth hung open and she bucked her hips faster and faster. A surge of pleasure washed through Laura as her pussy convulsed around Steven’s cock, flooding it with her wetness as she came on him.

Steven kissed her again before clumsily rolling her over the center console into the passenger’s seat, the pair still wrapped together. Laura smiled, gasping, loving him taking control. Steven smiled back at her as she spread her legs wider and took hold of his slick cock, guiding it back to her slit as she slouched in the seat. She groaned as he thrust into her completely. He smiled as he leaned over her, a light glaze of sweat on his forehead and tips of his hair as he began to pump into her.

Steven watched his cousin writhe under him, her legs splayed, young tits exposed to him, for him, as he sent the entire length of his cock in and out of her. He loved watching her overcome with pleasure, even after she had just cum. He was getting close.

He wrapped his arms around the small of Laura’s back, pulling her up to the edge of the seat as he fucked her. She lightly bit his shoulder, loving the almost animalistic feelings she was having. Her body was pressed close to her cousin’s as they grunted and moaned and breathed heavily. She could tell Steven was getting close to orgasm.

“Cum in me, Steven,” she naughtily whispered into his ear. “I want to feel it so badly.”

He pumped his hardness faster and faster into her writhing body, fucking her as his orgasm built to its pinnacle. He felt his balls begin to tighten as they prepared to release his semen into his cousin. “Fuck,” he whispered.

Steven’s cock released its first rope of hot semen into Laura’s body as he thrust deeply into her. Laura moaned and gripped his shoulders as she felt him cum into her warm body. She held Steven close as he continued to pump into her, flooding her depths with his young seed.

Steven’s orgasm finished, the last of his cum deposited into his cousin, and he kissed her once again, more tenderly this time. She stroked his sweaty hair from his forehead. He leaned back to the glove compartment and exhaled as his softening cock pulled out of Laura completely.

“That… that was incredible, Laura,” he said, smiling, resting his head behind him exhaustedly.

Laura sat, grinning, on the passenger’s seat of her mom’s car, her legs still spread and her pussy exposed. “Mmm, glad you enjoyed it, cuz. It was great for me, too. You were great. I can’t believe it was your first time,” she commented.

“Yeah, well, I guess you could say I got inspired,” he said, laughing.

“Well, pussy can be great inspiration, I suppose. Glad I could help!”

“God,” Steven said, catching his breath. “I can’t wait for college.”

Laura smiled. “You’re going to love it.”

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