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Gay: Control Geek

Inskickad av: Kenny

Mitchell Gandolf was a wizard at science, especially Chemistry and Micro-Biology. So, inevitably, he was a geek of the first magnitude. They called him Mr. Wizard at school and usually not in a kind way. His last name didn't help. Even though it was spelled a bit different than the wizard from the “Lord Of The Rings”, it was pronounced the same. His fellow geeks in the Science Club thought it was really cool. Everyone else thought it was really dorky.

His science club friends helped to keep him sane, but he still couldn't wait to graduate high school. He was eighteen, but should have skipped two grades and would have—if he could have handled things better with the older, bigger jocks and bullies. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall, and though he had fairly decent definition from all the swimming he did, he still weighed just 135 pounds. His shaggy dirty-blond hair was always falling in his big green eyes.

He wore glasses, of course, but tried to look less like a nerd by having wire rims instead of the black horn-rims associated with geekdom. It didn't really help. He still had to wear a pocket protector because, when he was focused on a project he would forget to cap his pen, and ruin his shirt. His dad was always at work and his mom had died when he was twelve. 

Fortunately, his Dad was as smart as he was and made a great living as a research scientist so they could afford a housekeeper. Mitch was very grateful she did not live in. He had not had a baby sitter since he turned thirteen, and so was mostly on his own.

But in addition to being president of nerd land at his school, Mitch had other issues—he was gay and he wanted very badly to become an S&M top. He had no interest in giving pleasure to anyone, unless of course they got their pleasure from submission and humiliation. 

He had read extensively on the subject, starting with the Leather Handbook and working his way through some really exotic stuff. Two problems: One, the few submissives he had met had no use for him because of his small stature and nerdy look. Two, he wasn't impressed with them either. Mitch didn't want some pussy boy who acted like he wanted to be dominated. Where was the fun in that?

Mitch came to realize that what he wanted was to take control of big strong straight or straight acting men—especially the ass holes who liked to make other people's lives miserable. That left him with very limited choices. He could find a way to blackmail his quarry. He could actually kidnap someone and hold them against their will. Or he could use his brilliant brain to come up with some sort of control—perhaps mind control. 

It wouldn't be practical to kidnap and hold someone at this point in his life. Though his Dad was very open-minded and knew of his son's interests he would never allow Mitch to keep a slave in the house. Besides, when he really thought about it, he knew he'd never be happy taking the thug approach. Mitch wanted his control to be elegant, and ideally, legal. Technically, at least.

Blackmail was certainly doable. He had all kinds of neat electronic toys, including actual spy stuff. But he decided that would be too easy, and ultimately boring. So Mitch accepted the challenge of devising some form of mind control. 

Mitch would often go with his Dad to work, which was great fun for him because he fit right in with all the other brilliant researchers. In fact, he had helped with a number of breakthroughs at the lab, which had resulted in several bonuses for his Dad. These had all been placed in his college fund, as it was assumed he would go all the way through to a Phd. What Mitch had going for him, in addition to his intellect, was an ability to make the intuitive leaps that led directly to major breakthroughs. 

Mitch's Dad had helped him set up an extensive lab in the basement of their large home, and it's where Mitch already spent most of his time. But the lab itself wouldn't be enough. He decided to go to work with his Dad more over the summer, so he could see everything people were working on. After all, science is a series of building blocks. Someone discovers something, and someone else takes the next step, an so on. Mitch hoped he'd have one of his intuitive leaps. But this breakthrough he would keep to himself!

He mentioned to his Dad that he wanted to spend more time at the lab over summer, and his Dad was all for it. Just one more week of school and he would graduate! Valedictorian, of course. But between then and now he had the Neanderthals to check out at school.

The worst was Darrin Knight because he lived nearby, on the other side of the large wooded area between their houses. Darrin was 6 foot 3 inches and 220 pounds of pure pumped muscle. He played varsity football of course. Linebacker. He could have played full back or tight end on the offense, but he preferred defense because he really liked to hit and hurt people.

Darrin was also a bully, and so by definition, a coward. Darrin and Mitch had an uneasy co-existence these days. That's because Mitch had been studying marshal arts for the last three years, and while he was too small to inflict serious damage on Darrin he had caused the jock considerable pain on three occasions. Darrin liked inflicting pain, not experiencing it. So after those experiences, he contented himself with just verbally abusing Mitch. But it was an uneasy truce, and Mitch did his best to keep his distance.

Darrin date-raped girls and beat up queers. He wasn't Mitch's type physically, but if he could come up with the right formula, Darrin was going to be his guinea pig. If the formula left the big jock brain damaged, Mitch figured no one would even notice.

During the last week of school, Mitch made it a point to observe classmates he found physically desirable and made it a point to observe their behavior to see if they deserved to become his property. One young man, an eighteen year old senior stood out. 

Sean Fitzpatrick, was a six foot one inch blue-eyed red head. Mitch's dick would start to drip just looking at him! Sean wasn't smart, but he was kind of clever in his own Neanderthal way, and never ceased his favorite activity—Pulling dirty tricks on people. 

Mitch's school was quite large, and he had not been aware of Sean before. He wasn't sure how he could have missed him! Clearly Mitch needed to get his head out of his books more. After asking people about Sean and carefully following him for a few days, Mitch was sure he had the right rat-bastard.

Sean specialized in bringing both boys and girls to tears. His little games often involved ruining a girl's clothes or leaving a boy naked in a public place. In both cases the victim would have to go home and then face their classmates the next day. The amazing part was that Sean had never been caught. His victims never knew who was responsible. The only reason Mitch figured it out is because he had been spending a lot of spare time following Sean.

The first time, he saw Sean rig a bucket full of paint over the doorway to one of the girls' restrooms with the inevitable result. The second target was an eighteen year old senior who was a teacher's pet. He always stayed after class to clean the chalk boards and erasers. The class room was empty the next period.

Sean simply snuck in and hit the poor kid over the head with a sock full of buckshot, knocking him cold. He then stripped the kid naked, bound his arms behind his back with those plastic wire tie things and dragged him into the coat closet. Sean was in there with him a long time. Sean finally came out of the closet and stuffed all of the boy's clothes into his back pack. Sean slung his pack over his shoulder and left the class room, making sure (he thought) that no one saw him. 

Fifteen minutes later, just as the next class had taken their seats, the naked boy stumbled out of the closet, unable even to cover himself with his arms tied.

Mitch was of two minds about Sean. On the one hand, he admired the way he humiliated others. Mitch could certainly relate to the desire to do that! On the other, if Mitch was going to be the Alpha Wolf around here, sooner or later he would have to take Sean down. Besides he was so damn hot!

There were two or three others Mitch might eventually get to, but he decided these two would be his primary targets. Both would graduate with him in less than a week and both were staying home for the summer. Only Darrin would go to college. On a football scholarship, of course. Mitch determined through casual questions to their friends that if either just left home with no goodbyes, their parents would be relieved, not worried.

Graduation came and went. Mitch started going to work everyday with his father. He spent his nights working in his own lab. One of the research teams had a project that had real potential to help Mitch in his efforts. It took him nearly a month to gain the confidence of the researchers. That's because their project was funded by the CIA. 

But Mitch had a great reputation for spotting mistakes and making breakthroughs and this team had reached a dead end. Mitch had never breathed a word to anyone about what went on at the lab. So, finally, the project leader briefed Mitch on their work.

They were working on an advanced 'truth serum.' Similar to Sodium Pentathol, but more powerful. And the CIA wanted the ability to interrogate subjects when they had all their faculties, not just when the were under the drug's influence. This would allow them to obtain more complex answers to difficult questions. And it would let the CIA stop using water boarding. The agents couldn't understand why, but apparently the public didn't like them doing that.

The team had encountered two problems. Mitch solved them both in less than a week. But, much more important, Mitch saw the next step. He left the team with just what they had asked for. He walked away with the ultimate prize. A formula that would allow him to implant his orders while a victim was under the influence of his new drug. He would be able to manipulate their behavior in any way he wished. The CIA would have payed a fortune for that. But Mitch couldn't have cared less about money, and he didn't want to share the power.

The drug was very complex and Mitch had to convince his Dad to buy him some new equipment for his home lab so he could make it. Once he had it, he secretly tried it on a chimp at the lab. The animal had become very bad-tempered and the handlers had to wear heavy gloves to avoid being bitten. The cool part was the chimp had learned sign language.

Mitch put him under just before leaving for the night and used sign language to order the chimp to be docile and affectionate and to never bite a human again. The next day the handlers were amazed at the chimp's change in behavior and it was the talk of the lab.

The young über nerd waited another two weeks to see if the chimp stayed docile and to make sure their were no physical side-effects. When he was sure the changes were long-term but physically harmless, Mitch put his plan into action.

Mitch had no desire to own or fuck Darrin. But he wanted that bitch to suffer! Darrin had a football scholarship to one of those diploma mills that passed their big-time athletes even if they never set foot in class. He would be leaving in a month for two weeks of summer practice, so Mitch decided to act at once.

Darrin would go for a long run through the woods every day. He had no imagination and so always took the same route at the same time of day. He liked to go through the woods so he could avoid obstacles at a dead run, pretending they were would-be tacklers. Mitch knew Darrin liked Pepsi, so he mixed his colorless odorless serum into one of those 20 ounce plastic bottles of the soda and screwed the cap back on.

He timed his walk through the woods to arrive at the half-way point of Darrin's run just as Darrin did. As Mitch expected, Darrin demanded the Pepsi. Mitch began to run, and Darrin caught up, tackled him hard, knocking the wind out of the little nerd. Darrin picked up the Pepsi, opened it and drank it down as Mitch lay on the ground trying to regain his wind.

“You shouldn't have run, dork!” gloated the big thug. “Now I'm gonna beat you to a pulp before you can get your wind back and use that karate shit on me.”

Just then, the linebacker's eyes began to glaze over and he sat down with a thud. He looked at Mitch with a bewildered expression then leaned against a tree. Mitch watched it all with great satisfaction. Brains had beaten brawn. Once he had his wind back Mitch walked over to the drugged hunk and sat down next to him.

“Can you hear me Darrin?”

“Yeah,” slurred the hunk.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy?”

“Nah, I hate that faggy shit. Those guys are sick.”

“Have you ever tasted your cum?”

“Fuck no,” said the linebacker.

“Listen carefully, Darrin.”


“From now on you will never be able to get a hard-on with a girl. You are still completely straight, but you feel so guilty about all those girls you forced yourself on, that now your dick just won't respond to a girl. Do you understand?”

“Can't get it up for girls...guilty...straight...”

“That's right. You will never be able to fuck a girl again. But you won't know that until you try.”

“not 'til I try.”

You will still be able to jack off, but only outdoors in places where you might get caught, like parks, the woods and public restrooms. At rest rooms you will only be able to jack off at a urinal not in a cubicle. You understand?”

“Urinal, woods, parks.”

“And you will only be able to jack off if you are completely naked and you have put your clothes out of sight.”

“Naked, clothes out of sight.”

“Right. The reason you can still jack off, is you know that after you will be able to eat your cum. From now on the only thing that will make you horny is eating cum. You are not a homo, you are straight.” 

“You will feel great guilt and shame that you need to eat cum. But you will have no choice. Just the thought of eating cum will make you hard. In fact, the only things that will make you hard are thoughts of cum and being humiliated.” 

“If you are in the shower with the other jocks and you think of them cumming you will get hard. You will feel terrible shame and humiliation at this and that will just make you harder. If a homo flirts with you, you will smile at him. If a man wants sex with you, you will say, “Only if I can swallow your cum.” You will never turn down any man who wants you to give him a blow job, because you need his cum. When you take his cock in your mouth you will get rock hard. When he cums in your mouth and you begin to swallow, you will shoot your own load without ever touching yourself.”

“If a man wants to fuck you in the ass, you will say 'only if I can lick your cock clean and you feed me some of your cum from out of my ass.' You will always strip completely naked and place your clothes out of sight whenever you are going to jack off or service another man. If your clothes are missing when you are done, you will have to try to get home naked without getting caught. Do you understand all of this?”

“Love cum, can't cum without eating it, hard only if thinking cum or humiliated. Any man can have me if I get his cum. Always naked, try to get home, not caught.”

“Right. The reason for this is you are so ashamed of having date raped all those girls you feel that you deserve extreme humiliation for the rest of your life. You are a pig. You deserve to be used.”

“Pig. Deserve what I get.”

“Right. The only thing you will ever be able to do with a women again is lick her pussy and suck the cum out of it, if she's just been fucked by another man. And the other man has to be there to watch it all. You will always work out and maintain your body in great shape so you will be actractive to other men and they will approach you for sex. If no man has approached you for a period of one week, you will seek out a gay club. If you can find one, you will go to the kind of club where they tie each other up and whip and paddle each other. You will always be the submissive.”


“Right. If you get caught by a woman your dick will go soft at once and you will hang your head in deep shame. If you are caught by a man you will offer to do anything he wants if he doesn't tell anyone.”


“Right. And you will always feel horny but your dick will never get hard except at the times I've stated. Do you understand?”

“Only get hard for cum and humiliation.”

“Right. And you will never pick on anyone again, even if you are bigger and stronger. You will be afraid of nerds and geeks, but turned on by the thought of humiliating yourself before them. You will do whatever they want, including defending them against other jocks, if only you can kiss their dirty feet or swallow their cum.”

“Afraid of nerds, feet, defend.”

“Right. When you wake up, and find yourself sitting here in the woods, you will believe you just dozed off for a few minutes because you were tired. You will feel very horny, strip naked, put your clothes out of sight, jack off and swallow your cum. When you are done you will dress, walk over to the house of Mitch Gandolf and tell him how sorry you are for all the mean things you have done to him. You will offer to do whatever he wants to show how sorry you are. And whatever he says you will do at once. Anytime you return home to see your parents you will visit Mitch that first day and make the same offer. Do Your understand?”


Good. Now sleep for a few minutes, then wake and begin your new existence.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mitch smiled, set up one of his little wireless spy cameras in a tree and went home to watch the action.

When Darrin woke, Mitch was seated at the computer in his lab and was tuned into the action. Darrin did just as he had been told. He Stripped naked, hid his clothes from himself a good fifty feet away from where he woke up. The naked linebacker sat back down against the same tree took his rock hard eight inches in his hand and began to jack himself off. As he neared his climax, he began to moan, “Gotta have cum, gotta have cum!” He shot his load half on his chest and half in his hand. He hungrily ate up every last drop. Only after there was no cum left did his cock shrivel down to a soft four inches.

Darrin lay there naked for a few minutes as his breath came under control. Then he wandered over to where he had left his clothes and reluctantly put them on. He realized he felt like a total shit for all the terrible things he had done to all those girls and nerds, and vowed to find ways to make it right.

He started by walking over to Mitch's house. Darrin rang the bell and waited. When Mitch answered the bell the big jock began to tremble. He realized he was suddenly afraid of Mitch but could not figure out why!

Mitch looked at the young man he had so utterly changed, trembling before him and smirked. “What the hell do you want?”

“Sir, I'm really sorry for all the bad stuff I've done to you over the years, and before I go to college I was wondering if there was some way to make it right?” the trembling hunk said quietly.

“It would take you a lifetime to make it all right.”

“As long as it takes sir, I'll do whatever you say.”

“Fine,” said Mitch casually, “Blow me.”

The big hunky jock turned beet red and looked for a moment as though he might slug Mitch. Mitch had a quick pang of doubt—had his serum really worked completely?

But then the big buff date raper hung his head, and with tears in his eyes said, “Yes, sir. Thank you sir. May I please swallow your cum afterwards, sir?”

“We'll see. Hold it all in your mouth. If I decide you've done a good job I may let you swallow.”

The look of anger and helpless shame on the jock's face was beautiful to behold. Darrin instantly stripped naked right there on the front door step. He had to walk naked across the big lawn to find some bushes to hide his clothes in. Mitch watched the scene with amusement.

The naked stud returned to the door step, knelt in front of the little nerd and said, to his extreme shame, “May I please suck your cock now sir?”

And Mitch let him. The nerd couldn't believe how hungry his tormentor was for his seven inch cock. The big man sucked hungrily and took the cock all the way down his throat the way he used to make girls do for him. 

The shame and humiliation welled up in his naked frame and his cock became rock hard. As Mitch shot his load into Darrin's mouth he expected the jock to cum, but he didn't. Darrin just knealt there moaning, holding nerd cum in his mouth.

“You may swallow,” said Mitch. 

And as the big jock did so, his own cock spouted a huge load that Darrin caught deftly in his left hand.

“May I please eat my cum too?” the stud humbly asked. 

With a look of wonder on his face, the little nerd granted the big hunk permission. Darrin trembled and shuddered as he ate his own load. After he was done his dick immediately shrunk back to a soft four inches.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?”

“Now that you mention it, yes. When you retrieve your clothes carry them back here to the door step and ask my permission before you put them on. When you do put them on do not put on your boxers. You will give them to me as a souvenir to remind me of the day you became a cocksucker.”

Darrin blushed beet red over most of his wonderfully ripped torso and hung his head in shame. As the tears flowed from his eyes, he turned and slowly walked across the lawn to get his clothes.

When he returned, his head still hung in shame, he was made to stand with his clothes on the ground, his hands behind his head and his feet wide apart for a full ten minutes. During this time Mitch went back inside his house had a sandwich and brought a Pepsi back with him. He drank it in front of his submissive stud.

A few cars had passed by on the residential street, but apparently no one had noticed the posed naked submissive. Too bad, thought Mitch. That could have been an interesting twist.

“Hand me your boxers, cocksucker.”

Without a word the big stud reached down, took his boxers from the pile and handed them to the first of many nerds he would always obey. 

“From now on, if you really want to make amends for all the trouble you've caused me over the years you will never wear men's underwear again. You will wear only women's panties. They will be bright pink, baby blue or crimson red. If you know you are going to be taking a shower in a public place like a locker room you have my permission to go commando. But at all other times it will be sexy panties, cut low, or a thong. Anytime you go to the beach or swimming you will wear a male thong that is tight and small enough for some of your pubic hair to show over the top. You will swim at least once a week during the summer and if your school has an indoor pool at least once a week during the winter.”

“Yes, sir whatever you say.”

“You may get dressed and go home. Return here tomorrow at 3pm. There are a couple of guys I'm going to share you with.”

The varsity jock looked up in horror, then looked down in shame. He knew he would obey. He could only hope that they would let him swallow cum. The thought made him instantly hard. 

“Sir, may I please jack off before I get dressed?”

“No. If you do a really good job tomorrow I may let you jack off after. Until then you are not to touch yourself.”

“Yes, sir,” said the big man in a small voice.

Mitch turned and went back inside as his guinea pig began to dress.

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