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Hardcore: The Taking

Inskickad av: Leo

Cindy and I have no idea why, how or even fully what happened but it did.

Really my friend reader. Some really wild shit. Really! Wild! Shit!

But, I do not want get ahead of myself, so here we go. Strap yourself in...

When I awoke in our car I'd had no idea what had happened. Cindy's weight lay upon me in the backseat of our Jeep truck. A taste was in my mouth that was weird that I could not recall ever tasting before. We were laying down in the backseat our heads in back of the drivers seat.

I tried to move her off me and really felt rather wet, like sweaty but it wasnt hot out. In fact, in was sort of cool about 60 degrees perhaps and I could see the window above our feet was slightly cracked open. As gust of wind swept into the truck I trembled as it struck me. Cindy's head lay to the left of me and some of her hair was on my face. I tried to move my head a little and her hair followed like it was stuck to me and there was this smell.

I tried to move out from underneath her and could not. It seemed as though our bodies were somehow bound together. My arms were around her waist clearly on bare skin but I could not really move them. Even when I moved my left leg outwards I felt hers follow me.

Maybe I was dreaming? I felt very groggy. My head hurt a little. It was so dark though a little light was coming from somewhere.

“This is our car.” I thought quite certainly. Another gust of wind swept in through the window and I shivered as it struck me feeling her mass laying atop me. I could feel her chest going up and down. Bending my neck and upper back I tried see over Cindy. I could see her bare shoulders, a little of her back and what appeared to be the top of one of her buttocks.

I tried wriggle around under her and was pretty sure I was completely naked as was Cindy.

“What the fuck is going on?” I thought. “What happened? Why do I feel so groggy?”

I tried again to move my arms and now I was sure I was clearly bound to Cindy. My mind started reeling, fear, anger, and whos knows what came into my head. I started trying move my upper back, hips and legs briskly causing Cindy to start to awaken. I felt her head move and a few little noises come from her sweet lips.

I said, “Cindy? Cindy? Wake up. Cindy!”

I saw her head lift up and felt some of her hair peel off my face confirming it was stuck to me.

“Wha... Humm... Whe...” she said. “What... Where... are we?”

Another gust of wind swept through the truck window and I felt her shake and quiver atop me.

I responded, “I dont know. What happened? Are you ok Cindy?”

My mind started to clear. We'd gone out to go dancing. It'd been years but we went dancing. I remember driving to the place and having some beers and getting Cindy several glasses of wine.

“How did we get here? What the fuck happened?” I thought, chills again ran through both Cindy and my body suddenly.

I looked over in as much as I could as she lifted her head away from my side. She tried look upwards her head jerked up and down like a tremor as if she simply did not have the strength to hold her head upwards. In the scant light it was hard to see much but I noticed some of her blond hair looked matted down.

“Are you ok?” I said again.

Cindy replied, “I... I... dont feel so good. I... give me... a second.”

Her head came crashing down next to mine again. My face pressed against the side of her head and hair. I could feel some of her hair was wet and there was this smell. I felt her trembling atop me and felt her body spasm several times. She pushed her left leg outwards taking mine with it.

“Baby, move your arm,” I said.

She tried and had no more luck than I did.

“I think we are tied together.” I told her.

Her head moved up again jerking up and down slightly and I felt her try move more. My leg followed hers and our upper limbs barely moved. Again her head came crashing down next to mine.

“Cindy? Cindy! Hey! Do you remember anything? What happened? How did we get here? Anything?”

She turned her face towards mine and through the little light that shone upon her cheek things did not look right. Almost like her skin were wet but it was not. The only thing that came to mind is it appeared like what clear candle wax thinly dried on skin might appear and again there was that smell. An acrid sort of scent.

“I... I... dont know. I dont feel right.” she said.

Her breath came into my nostrils and also did not smell like her normal breath. It was acrid, an almost decaying type scent like a garbage can with food that had begun to go quite bad in it. It was quite profound.

“Ddddo... Do you remember anything. I... I'm sca scarrr scared.” she said and her body again shook and trembled atop me as wind entered the truck once again

The smell from her mouth was bad and I instinctively forced me to turn my head looking up towards the top of the truck.

“I think we are tied up. We need to get out of this” I responded.

Her head again lifted upwards shaking and came back down.

“I... I... I feel so... so weak. Quee... Queezy. How... How?” she said. I felt her trembling atop me.

“Try reach your forearm around your back Cindy” I said.

She did so. Clearly our wrists were bound together. Using my arm I felt her bare back while her hand and arm tagged along. I went upwards on her back trying to feel anything.

Right as I felt something Cindy said, “Owww... Owww. My arm.”

“Sorrry baby,” I replied. “It feels like a strap is around your back. Velcro maybe? Take your left leg and try move your knee into my crotch and push up. I am going to try get my hand finger around it.”

Cindy moved her leg dragging my ankle with her.

“On the count of 3 push with your knee into the seat.” I told her, “One... Two... Three.”

She pushed up and I pushed upwards with my forearm.

“Owww... Owww,” she cried out but I managed get two fingers under the strap. I pulled at it over and over then lost my grip.

We tried again and this time I was able to get four fingers solidly under it. Again I pulled at it and I could hear it trying to give way.

“Try hard as you can baby to push your upper arms out when I say so.” I said.

Cindy responded, “I... I really fff fffeel sick...” and again I felt her body tremble atop me and spasm a bit from her midsection.

“Lets try. Now!” I said.

I pulled as much as I could with my fingers as we both used our upper arms as much as we could and suddenly there was a tearing sound and whatever was binding our torso's snapped free.

Cindy lifted her head and tried look around. We again came face to face.

“W... We... were dance... dancing. I remm... remember and... and... then... then ya... you were tal.. taking t... to thhat ga … ga... guy.” she said.

The smell coming from her mouth was enough to make me gag. I almost vomited.

“Wwe... his cuk... ca... car. Went ssseee his... his ca... car.” Cindy said some short snorts coming in and out her nose while speaking.

I felt her body spasm atop me several times each time sending her body trembling.

“Dont... fffeeel goo good.” she said and some spittle fell from her mouth. I felt it hit my lip and run down the side of my cheek.

I tell ya, I almost threw up several times. The smell like decay and garbage was intense that came from her mouth.

I worked my body under hers and made just enough space to get my right arm free which had been pinned against the back of the seat. I lifted both our arms with mine feeling a bit stronger now and reached both across her naked back.

Cindy's weight was starting to get to me as well. At 202lbs and 53 years old she was both a bit overweight for her 5 foot 8 inch height most of which lay in her rather oversized buttocks, thick thighs and slightly oversized belly. She's not fat and not skinny either. Her 38DD breasts quite ample for her size and wavy blond hair parted in the middle fell about an inch below her breasts.

She never had kids so her breasts were quite firm still and her buttocks and thighs were a mix of muscle and fat. Her small nose and rounded face made for an unusually beautiful mix even at 53. It was not uncommon for her to turn mens heads especially because she'd wear clothes that were lightweight and tight.

We'd been together about 5 years and it'd been good. I'd never ever saw her in this state she currently was in.

I'd not really minded her dressing the way she did. In fact, weeks before we went dancing I'd bought her some push up bra's to go along with her medium plunge blouses as it showed her breasts off quite nicely.

I tried and tried to get whatever was binding our hands together undone but had no luck. Then another idea struck me. If I could get us rolled over perhaps I was strong enough to get us into a seated position with her against the side of the door. That'd give me the reach to get whatever it was undone hopefully or maybe slip her hands under her butt.

It took some time of jockeying. Cindy was too weak be much help but we managed. Now I was atop her. The scant light shone on her face. A whole lot of her hair was matted and I could clearly see quite a bit was wet. I crawled my knees up towards her crotch dragging her ankles with me a little at a time then lifted triying lift her from under her back making really slow progress.

Several times she'd exclaimed that she did not feel well at all. In fact, one of the times I lifted and tried push with my knees I thought she was going to throw up.

I took a moment to rest, it was hard work trying hoist her 202 lbs up and forward.

I asked her again, “Whats wrong?”

She responded, “Mmy stomach... Mmmy body hhhurts. My thighs and wwwhole waist hurts.”

I told her the back of my head hurt some but that it did not feel really bad.

When I started begin again I was able to look down a bit between our bodies in the scant light. Her breasts were rather red and it was all wet between us. The slight light showed some glistening skin.

More struggling and I got her to a point where she was about half seated upright and had to stop and rest. Her shoulders were now resting against the door and her head upright. About a 30 degree angle or so.

My groggy head was clearing and so was hers. We both remembered talking with these men at the dance club. I'd saw them drive up in two separate Ferrari cars. She remembered that I went to go out and look at them with one of the men while she'd stayed inside talking with the other.

I did not recall a whole lot more until Cindy said, “Remember, they bought us some drinks and then we both went out to look at the cars? I think maybe we went for a ride?”

Then I remembered. She was right. I went in the red one and she went in the yellow one. But then what? I did not remember a thing nor did Cindy. Clearly, something happened.

I cant imagine a couple of guys with Ferrari's robbed us?

It was really hard for me to try ignore the smell coming from her mouth, it was truly foul. But I gulped down my thoughts of vomiting. To me, the smell just seemed to get worse and worse. One more time and I ought have her sitting up and then I could get around her enough to get whatever was holding our wrists undone hopefully.

I figured instead of trying under her buttocks I'd move more up and try lift her some from her waist. I bent over a bit grabbed her tightly and tried thrust her more upwards pulling and gripping hard at her waist.

I heard, “Glllucchhg... Glllucchhg.” come from her and felt her body convulse some.

I let go quickly and tried move away. But whatever was keeping our hands bound behind her back didnt let me get far.

In the little light that shone in I looked down on her and saw perhaps three or four inch wet puddle spot near the top of her cleavage and whatever had come forth already ran down between them. There were some strands of it hanging down from her lip and chin unto her chest.

She was breathing hard, her chest heaving up and down as she looked up towards me. At this time I was pretty sure what was coming next.

“Ohhhh... nnn... noooo” she said.

“Glllucchhg... Glllucchhg...” again I heard and she tried swallow back down frantically as more of the liquid came up from her mouth. She was trembling as if in a freezer.

“Glllucchhg... Glllucchhg... Glllucchhg... Glllucchhg... nnnoooo... Gllucharckgh.”

Her back arched and a torrent of thick white liquid flowed out her mouth and down her naked chest and out of my sight. Strands hung from her mouth unto her chest and upper breast. Before I had a chance to say a word another “Glluuuchrrckkghh” came forth and another torrent burst forward from her mouth and new strands hung down from both her nostrils.

Cindy's chest was heaving up and down and she gasped for air through her mouth. There was little I could do and the new smell of her breath and what was in my vision had me finding myself having to force back vomiting myself numerous times as I turned my head away.

I tried reach behind without getting the white goo on me but there was no way I could get at whatever had our hands bound behind her back.

Cindy coughed a few times and I rapidly turned my head away. I was pretty sure now what I was looking at, mens semen. But what happened? What happened to her? What happened to us?

Cindy said, “I... I'm soo... sorry.” and a moment later vomited up another thick load from her gut. I found myself wondering how much more could even be in her. It was not long before I found out. She wretched no less than 3 more times.

With the scant light it was really hard to see the extent of things but her entire chest was glistening and I noticed numerous globs stuck together of what sure looked like sperm.

I had no choice. I pressed up against her and lifted again over and over. Finally I had Cindy in a seated position. I had to bend down pressing the side of my head against her breasts feeling her soaked chest against my face and the smell... I tried hold my breath and keep my mouth away but Cindy wriggled some sending my face in between her cleavage.

I had to press on and finally in reaching behind I felt the something. I pulled and yanked at it. It took sometime but I managed to get us free of it and in moments had our legs also free.

Opening up the storage bin between the two front seats I grabbed a flashlight. I turned it upon Cindy naked from head to toe. Her hair was a mess and was matted down in many places stuck together. Her chest was completely soaked and there were many masses of chunks of what appeared to be sperm stuck to her. Her belly was nearly completely soaked as well and the river of the apparent semen had flowed down her cleavage down and over her pubic hair and pussy. A sizable puddle of it lay around her buttocks in the bucket part of the seat. Her breasts were rather red and there was what appeared to be some bruising on both her inner thighs. I also noticed that around her wrists and ankles there were red rings.

I noticed the time on the trucks clock. It was 4AM in the morning.

“Think! Think! What to do? Cellphone!” I looked for her purse and it was not in the truck. I noticed the keys were in the ignition. Apparently our clothes were gone. I had nothing in the truck to help clean her up or myself for that matter. It was clear we were going to need try drive. But where? I did'nt even recognize where we might be.

I told Cindy I am going to drive and she laid down in the backseat reversing herself trying keep her feet out of the puddle that still lay in the bucket vinyl seat.

Getting out of the backseat and into the drivers seat I started up the truck. Thank goodness it ran. I decided I need find a police station and began to drive.

Looking for landmarks nothing was familiar. Then I saw a sign at a closed diner. We were a full 50 miles from home in a completely different community but I recognized the name.

I told Cindy and said, “I am going to find a police station” and she shot back. “No! No! Take me home!”

So that's exactly what I did.

When we arrived back home it was still dark out.

I said to Cindy we need call the police but she would have nothing of it. Cant say as I blame her, after all, we seemed have no real recollection of what even happened more or less where or how. Atop that imagine what she must have been thinking? Total strangers are going to see her in this condition? Take samples. Question and question when neither of us had answers.

She went and showered and before we even said another word she was sound asleep in our bed. I'd washed myself off with a towel and sink water while she showered. When I saw she went to bed I showered as well.

I climbed into bed next to her and fell into a light sleep with thoughts and questions reeling in my head.

About 9AM in the morning I was awoken by sounds. Cindy lay next to me and I tried listen to her soft voice. “Mmmmm.... Yea. Do it.” I heard. I saw her hand next to her moving up and down as if clutching something.

As you my friend reader might imagine this is THE LAST thing I wanted to hear or see, 2+2=4, ya' know?

Whispering, “Cindy, Cindy...” and there was no response. So, I said it a bit louder.

“Ummmm... yea. Fuck me!” I heard next.

Again, now I was just downright pissed off. Here I am remembering everything from the point of waking up in the truck, the drive, that fuckin' smell and apparently she'd been fucking someone or many someones for all I knew.

“Hey!”, I said and pushed her. She snapped awake. “Wha... What... Whats wrong?” she exclaimed.

“Whats wrong? Whats wrong? Are you fuckin' kidding me? Whats wrong?” I responded.

Hauling myself out of bed I put on my clothes and made coffee and some toast.

“Whats wrong? Fuckin' shit! Gee might it be you were fucking who knows who and puking up shit loads of cum? Whats wrong? This is just so fucked!” I said to myself.

About half an hour later Cindy came down and boy howdy did I lay into her.

She claimed she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her what I heard in her apparent dreaming and she recalled none of it.

The next several weeks were shall we say tenuous at best especially since about a week after she was apparently having a wonderful dream, for her, all over again. Quite frankly my friend, I was well on my way to just leaving her. I stopped sleeping in the same bed. Our relationship was being pushed to its end.

We tried at one point discussing it all. We both remembered going for a ride in the cars. I was in one and she in the other apparently. But after that, pretty much nothing until waking up in the car.

There was one thing however. I had a dream.

I was in this small room on a chair sitting down. It did not seem like I was bound or anything like that. I could see out this big double door where a well built man naked sat in this small stool. To each side of him were some big lit candles on tall floor stands. He was naked and had powerful arms and legs with muscles bulging. His penis fully erect, big and thick. The man was bald with no chest hair.

Cindy walked in through this wide double door completely naked her arm to her side and her forearm out in front of her. Another woman, much younger had her hand on Cindy's forearm like Cindy was escorting her formal like again completely naked. The womans breasts were absolutely perfect. She was blond and beautiful with short styled hair. Cindy's breasts snapped up and down with each step as the women walked towards me. Her little overweight tummy jiggled with each step.

To the left and right of the women were two men just walking beside them.

The group walked up in front of me and stopped. I noticed there was writing of some sort down both the women's inner thighs. I could not recognize the language, it was like Chinese looking, hieroglyphics like stuff.

Crazy? Right? Keep reading my friend.

The group turned around in unison and walked back out the big double door. The men turned left and went out of my vision while Cindy and this women walked towards the man. I can see their buttocks in my head right now clear as a bell. Cindy's over sized butt and thighs bouncing with each step and this much younger girls snap left and right of her butt.

They walked up to this man on the stool and Cindy helped this women turn around so her butt was facing him. Cindy turned and stood face to face with the women. Another women appeared carrying this fancy looking bucket and stood next to them.

The women reached into the bucket and took out a handful of what appeared to be some sort of gel and spread it over the womens breasts while Cindy just stood facing her. Cindy turned towards me and bent over her breasts hanging towards the floor and the women followed suit. Cindy reached behind her and grabbed her buttocks spreading it wide and the other women did the same mimicking Cindy. The other again reached into the bucket and apparently took some of the gel and put in into the woman Cindy had escorted's bumm.

Cindy stood up and the two again faced one another. Cindy and the women outstretched their arms and held each others hands, then began bend down as if slowly moving into a squatted position. The man behind the women put his hands on her hips, she was now squatting over his erect penis. Cindy spread her legs out in the squatted position and the women followed. The other women took gel and worked near three handful's of it into the womens womb.

Cindy then put her head upwards and opened her mouth wide still squatted and the women followed. Again the other women took the gel and over and over put it into the womens mouth, three or four handful's of it, the women gagged several times. Her face and lips were then wiped with a cloth.

Cindy stood up releasing the womens hands and bent over and kissed her on the lips and moved out of my vision as did the women with the bucket of gel.

The man then lowered this women unto his massive penis and I could just tell she was really strained to even have it get into her. As he lowered her unto him several times the women twitched and gasped but not a word was said.

He was now completely up inside her and he grabbed both her upper arms at center. He moved her up and down him over and over. Her legs working in unison to his arms.

This went on for what seemed like 4 or 5 minutes perhaps in my dream. The women was clearly having orgasms over and over her body retching often yet the man seemed completely animated. His face never changed at all and the methodical up and down fucking continued.

Soon it all stopped and two men came into the scene. They took her arms and put them around their necks and lifted her legs with their other arm and carried her off outside my vision.

Fucking weird right my friend?

I told Cindy about it and she said nothing. I asked her if she'd had any such recollection and she said she'd not. I asked her about her dreams and she said they all seemed a blur but nothing sexual per se.

I decided to put a little digital voice recorder in the bedroom, probably not smart hindsight being 20/20. Near every night it sure sounded like Cindy was getting seriously fucked and rather happy about it yet when asked. Nothing.

Like I said, I was just going to leave. I even started making plans my friend. This all way too fucked up for me more or less trying to get it out of my head.

Can you imagine if this were you? I mean, fuckin' aye. In one's thinking this is like having a ball and chain to “What-The-Fuck-Land++”

Then I came home from work one day and Cindy was on the couch in front of the TV set crying. The TV was turned off. Laying on the coffee table was this DVD mailer. I asked her what was wrong and she just pointed at it.

I looked, nothing special. No return address I noticed.

I picked up the remote and turned on the TV and then the blu-ray player but Cindy grabbed the remote from me and said, “No! Please dont! No! You dont want see this!” She was near frantic.

So, I let it go.

She ran to the Blu-ray player ejected the disc and tried breaking it in two. Didnt work. She took it to the stove and turned on the burner and set it on fire and threw it in the sink.

Well, that's that I thought. Whatever is on there is now destroyed. Again, 2+2 I figured it was some video of her having sex or whatll. Game over. I am going to do what I need to do and leave her.

I was making my preparations over the next week to do just that when another DVD arrived in the mail. I'd taken that day off to look to find a place to live. I'd not discussed any of my plans with Cindy or any of what was going on with friends. Heck, I thought I might need to go to a psychologist.

Cindy was at work. I opened the DVD mailer and a piece of paper fell out.

I will leave what it said on the paper for another day my friend.

I put the DVD in the player.

My friend, you just will NOT believe what was on it.

But... I will leave that for another day as well.

Do stop back to read it. It will be titled “The Taking – Part II”


Cindy and I?

We're good. I am still not sure what happened in full.

At the same time, some really really wild shit happened

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