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Gay: Hotel fun

Inskickad av: Kenny

I was 27 and never had any gay feelings, well that was to change! I was married and was away from home on work and staying at a motel, having nothing to do in the evening I decided to go into the bar. It had the stay over guys in overalls, building contractors and the odd couple all looking sombre at the bar, but one guy caught my eye for some reason. He was about 60 and tall with silver hair, clean shaven and had an air of authority about him.... I spent some time at the bar and had a couple of drinks when this man, introduced himself as Ken, and casually commented that he was as bored as hell and would I like to chat. I told him my name was Paul and yes chat away. 
I found out he was a rep for a small company and spent most of the week away from his family. “Suits me sometimes” he casually commented and I thought nothing of it for a while and then it played on my mind. “So you prefer to be away from home then?” I eventually asked. “Yes it allows me to have fun” he replied. “You mean picking up women?” I asked and then he made me laugh by saying “Anything with a pulse”. We all say it but he meant it literally as I was to find out. 

The time was drifting by with idle talk and the bar was close to shutting, so I decided to go to my room. “Where abouts are you?” he asked “Room 104” I said. “”Oh that’s the same corridor as me, hang on a sec and I’ll follow on” he said as he quickly finished his drink. As we walked along our length of corridor he asked me if I would like to see his stuff he was supposed to be selling. “OK” I replied and we entered his room. It had a heady aroma of aftershave and soap smell and gave me a slight shudder. As I walked passed him through the door he put his arm on my shoulder then slid it down my back as happens sometimes when in close proximity to someone. But I am sure he let out a small sigh as though he liked what he felt. To be honest I had a slight tingle through my body as he did this.

His bed was still made and was strewn with clothes and a holdall. “Fancy a drink?” he asked. “Sure, what you got?” I said. Then he opened his bag and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. “Never leave home without one” he commented and I chuckled. Using those horrible cups in the room they put out he poured a couple of drinks and passed me one and I said “Cheers”. “Fancied a stiff one all day” he said as he looked me in the face, no doubt waiting for my reaction. I must have blushed as this tall 60 year old gent stood close to me and the silence was unbearable for a moment until he said I mustn’t be used to sharing a late night drink with a stranger in a bedroom. I commented that I had never shared a late night drink with a man before let alone being in a bedroom with one and that I was feeling a little confused as to his intentions. “Oh relax, and do not worry I won’t rape you or anything” he said and this made me laugh again. I liked this man but did not know why. He asked me to turn my back to him and that he would give me a massage on my shoulders. He asked me to remove my jacket and rubbed me over my shoulders. “There that should relieve some stress” he said. I was beginning to enjoy the feeling when he stopped and said that he had not shown me his goods yet. He unzipped his bag and pulled out a brochure for sex toys. “Oh fuck,” I thought how do I get out of this one. Calmly I flicked through the pictures of vibrators and latex vaginas and eventually asked if I was getting this right, that he was a sales rep for sex toys. “Yep, and it pays well” he said. 

I was beginning to have kinky thoughts and had started to get an erection. Which Ken must have noticed as he came towards me and suddenly put his arms around my shoulders and gave me a passionate kiss and forced his tongue onto mine. Initially I responded with shock as he was much taller than me. I had that tingling feeling back and my head began to spin. We were still stood up and I responded by holding him close too. I felt for the first time another stiff cock pressing against mine and it felt wonderful. I wanted this man to play with me, to use me and to fuck me...... Never have I felt like that. 

He quickly asked if I was OK and if I wanted him to stop. “No, please go on “ I replied and with that moved his hand down to my trousers and unzipped them and undid my belt. Turning me around again so I was facing the mirror in the room. I saw him looking over my shoulder at me as he lowered my pants to expose my 8 inch stiff cock. Still staring at me I felt him cup my balls and grab my cock and gave it a squeeze. He slowly undid my shirt and asked me to remove it and I also shook off my shoes and trousers so I was totally naked in front of a 60 year old man who was still fully clothed. I felt so light headed as I looked in the mirror at myself stood there with a throbbing cock in Kens’ hands. He was slowly moving his hand up and down as he kissed my neck I pushed forward into his hand and nearly shot a load. 

“Mmmm,I love your cock.” He said. By now I was feeling so fucking horny I reached behind me and felt for his pants and squeezed his erection. I needed some sex now and I did not care that I was groping a man who was old enough to be my father. In fact the thought turned me on even more. H asked me to lay on the bed and I began to rub my own cock whilst Ken watched me at the same time stripping his clothes off. All the time, commenting on the size of my prick. He stood there totally naked and was aroused as much as me although slightly smaller in length; he had a fat cock and was uncut. He climbed onto the bed and stood over me and began wanking. I thought it was one of the horniest things I had ever seen. We hardly spoke and just petted each other for what seemed an eternity; finally he flopped onto the bed and put his hand inside his bag again. This time he pulled out a large double ended dildo, the ones you see in lesbian films and some lube in a tube. He asked me if I played with sex toys and that this was his favourite. He laid at the side of me and whilst wanking his own cock he sucked the end of the dildo. “Fuck I feel so horny and need some cock inside of me” he said. “Do you like what I am doing to myself” he added.
“Mmmm,yes” was my pathetic reply and I squeezed myself trying not to spunk everywhere.
“Suck the other end for me”
“There you go son, take it in your mouth while daddy watches”

Bloody hell I thought this is getting weirder by the minute. There we were, now kneeling facing each other with a pink double ended dildo in our mouths drooling and gagging whilst wanking our stiff cocks together and to top it all he calls me his son. Now I am on the verge of shaking to pieces with anticipation.

Ken stops again and asks if I am an anal virgin and I told him I was, to this he let out a low growl and looked me in the eyes and asked he could be the one to take me. “Look at me, undressed on another mans bed, playing with my cock. I haven’t come here for a coffee have I” I quickly replied. With this he told me to lay on my back again and he would show me how to have anal sex. He smeared the end of the dildo in lube and asked me to hold onto it about 10 inches from the end pointing upwards. He then straddled me and slowly squatted all the time wanking. As he lowered himself he positioned his hole over the dildo and let out a moan as it slowly penetrated him... This was such a fucking sight I could feel precum oozing out of me. I held on as hard as I could with 2 hands and he asked me to sit up as he fell back onto his back. Now I was above him with the dildo sticking out of his hole. “Now shove it in and out of me son, whilst daddy cums for you” he said while clutching his own cock. I did as he asked and felt the thing sliding in and out of him. Occasionally when I pushed it in it would stop and go no further, “Oh, yes stop there, that’s the spot” he moaned. Suddenly he started shaking and he shot a wad of spunk all over his belly and chest and his legs collapsed. I felt his arse muscles pushing onto the dildo and it slipped out of him. “You OK” I asked. “Fuck, yes you horny bastard” he said. He was right; I was getting well into this man on man sex. “Now you know how, can daddy fuck you and I promise to be gentle” he whispered to me as though someone might hear us. “Yes, take me” I said.

He asked me to get on all fours on the floor side on to the mirror, I liked this I could watch everything as it happened. I saw Ken standing behind me with a semi hardon dripping with spunk. In his hands was a small object which he must have pulled out of his bag. Suddenly I heard a whirring noise and realised he was holding a small vibrator. He knelt behind me and caressed my bum cheeks with both hands and slowly teased them apart. The warm air around my sphincter was exhilarating and I wanted this so much “Please daddy will you be gentle with me” I responded, playing along with the role play. As I said this I felt a cold object tickle my anus and a hand reach under me and fondled my balls. My prick felt as though it would explode. The vibrator was slowly pushed into me and the sensation was wonderful. I watched Kens face as he licked his lips and rubbed himself up against me while handling me like this.
“Oooh son, you have such a nice tight fuck hole. Daddy wants to put his penis inside of you, is that OK?” he asked in a deep growling voice. I did not say anything but just pushed back onto his hand with the vibrator. Then he stopped and pulled it out. “Mmmm cannot have you cumming without me” he said and as I looked in the mirror saw he was wanking a stiff cock again. He positioned himself behind me and I responded by moving my knees apart even wider. I felt the warm head of his cock touch my hole and braced myself, but teasingly he moved away just enough for me to want him even more. Ken put a hand on each of my bum cheeks and kept me in suspense, every now and then he would move forward and I would push back onto him. 
Finally I could take no more and screamed “For Christ sake fuck my arse with your cock” with this I felt a sharp pain into my stomach and watched as his cock slipped between my cheeks into my arse. He did not pull out and stayed in that position whilst the pain subsided. Then slowly he withdrew from the first thrust. Then it began to ease as he slowly ploughed my arse. In and out with short thrusts and grunting like an animal. The sight in the mirror was awesome. I wanted it to go on forever, but I felt as though I needed a piss and Ken said this was normal as he was nudging my prostate gland. I arched my back and accepted everything he did to me, I was totally submissive to his sexual games and knew right then that this would not be the last time for me.

His cock felt huge and I began to have that feeling of wanting to spunk, so I told Ken. “”Quick spunk in daddy’s mouth” Before I knew where I was Ken was laying on the floor on his back and asking me to fill his mouth with jizz. I stroked myself a few times and the sight of seeing this old man laying in front of me wanking with his mouth opens waiting... sent me over the top. I shot a huge amount of cum into his face and missed his mouth instead covering his chin and neck. Then I realised that he had shot a load as well. This time onto his chest. “Suck daddy’s cock clean for me Paul” he asked. I obliged by laying down on top of him in a 69 position and licked my first cock and tasted my first taste of spunk. At the same time he sucked me clean. With spunk sticking our bodies together I relaxed in this position for a while before Ken suggested that we have a shower. 

I never did make it to my room that night and that is another story.

Gay sexstory

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